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A Simple Tool for Self Analysis


Given the nature of the mind and the elusiveness of the ego that functions through it, it is very difficult to know just where we are on the spectrum of consciousness and therefore how far and in what trajectory the reflexive and/or higher ego has developed. Being a complex mechanism that invariably takes control of our mental apparatus and shapes our perceptions it is hard to identify objectively the degree to which you are controlled by your ego and its myriad manifestations and personas. The ego, as mentioned before, has the ability to block information and govern awareness. Mental processes can wholly come under its aegis to the extent that even your analytical faculties can be influenced by it, however, there is a way to short-circuit it in the case of a high level of dominance that is blocking your self awareness. 


This method is activated by a simple question, but it is unlikely to work where the ego has subsumed the root personality or where possession has taken place. 


One must simply ask oneself, if, as a rule, what you say is what you do.


This exercise has little value if you are not absolutely sincere and determined to accept the facts that are reflected through this process of self questioning; one must resist the urge to edit events, excuse failures and otherwise explain away inconsistencies between word and action. Simple as it sounds, the process can appear brutal and painful, as there are many compromises we make in life that we spend energy and time to bury from ourselves, especially when no one else is witness to what these are.


Never-the-less the degree to which you are consonant with what you tell and commit to others to do reveals 1 of 2 things. You are either an 'ego' that has evolved to such an extent that you follow your proclivities regardless of who gets hurt or the consequences that flow from your actions, [or lack thereof]. This is an evolved ego that has somewhow entered the realms of psychopathy. 


Or, through sincere contemplation you become aware that your word and deed are divergent. This reveals that you are running different personality holograms.


The deeper you contemplate the matter, the more information about how and why you behave incongruously will gradually be revealed - as it takes time to untangle and eventually reverse the process of 'self hypnosis' that has allowed you to run the conflicting programs. Any discipline that purports to be spiritual or enhance consciousness necessitates this process in some or other variant as consciousness is self awareness. Thus this process of self analysis cannot be circumvented on the path to wisdom, integrity or spirituality. Of course self aware people can also choose to be psychopathic as described in the paragraphs concerning the Alt Right, dark magik, power politics and ONA9. In the end you will be delivered to that which you have devoted your energy to, there is no sleight of hand that can prevent it.


Posted by Luco: Korruption Part 3: 'The Axis of Ego'