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  “You're either with us or against US.”



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Echoing post-millenial Neo-Con disaster politics (a variation on Naomi Kleins disaster capitalism as discussed in her 2009 book, 'The Shock Doctrine'), the above statement is the rallying cry of the unrepentant egoist. The guru persona is heavily leveraged in the atmosphere of apocalyptic/eschatological Rapturist fervour.

Whilst the masses of economic datum indicate that the current economical system is due for a catastrophic 'correction' as much of those funds generated by the TARP, by QE, bank bailouts and the hoovering up of residual wealth from mortgages, personal and business loans into hidden repositories and offshore accounts has allowed corporations to monopolise the markets. Food, fuel, clothes, travel have consequently rocketed in price and inflation although artificially controlled is actually very high. In practise this has devalued many currencies and there is not enough real money in circulation to capitalise industry and settle usuristic debt.


This latest round of proselyting over a new socio-economic revolution is similar to the DOT.COM bubble, although the internet has a potential to liberate and revolutionise, it has only delivered a fractal of the claimed transformation. After all the rhetoric and aggrandisement, as the dust settled, a few did indeed make exponential fortunes but the majority were losers, and the internet itself is going through a regime of censorship, subversion and repression which is even worse than that of Macarthyism.

Cunningly, TPTW2B have laid financial ordinance through a variety of mediums one being Crypto-currency to allow them to perform the final financial coup d'etat.


It is a sad fact that so many of us passively accept policies, laws and doctrines hand down through institutions, the media and political coersion with little or no resistance. The questioning of 'received wisdoms' that was so characteristic of the pre and post war world seems to be a distant murmur from our historical past. Whether in schools, universities and especially in political enclaves, it seems the question of where a policy is leading us and whether the direction of travel is good or not is absent.


The political apparatus should belong to the people. It was supposedly erected to serve us, not protect the powerful and self entitled. In a very concrete way, we are the arbiters of our reality. Things that are done in our name must at some point be accounted for, and where we are on the spectrum of compliance, willful ignorance or resistance will come back to us and our children whether we like it or not. In the end, we should heed the maxim, 'Why seek a way out, when there is a way in!' It's a matter of growing up and taking responsibility - nothing more or less esoteric than that.


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