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Powers of interpretation are critical in our understanding of the world. How we understand the world is called our 'world-view', and it is this view that shapes our reality. It is critical  feedback loop theoretically capable of creating any environment we can imagine.


Interpretation is a responsibility and should not always be a passive process as it is increasingly becoming. The Powers That Wish To Be, [TPTW2B] are not passive but extremely diligent. Their program of creative chaos, population reduction, asset stripping, 360 degree toxicity, social control etcetera is far from incidental but planned, funded, organised and meticulously supported and monitored – thank god they are a bunch of egoistic, nihilistic morons; well mostly.


Why so?


Good question, how can such intellectually prissed and preened princes, and princesses with their access to almost unlimited resources and endless incentives fall short of their perfectionist objectives? The answer lies partly with the Yin-Yang balance where moving into one extreme eventually manifests its opposite. Intelligence itself is not a linear-cumulative affair. Intelligence, like reality is plastic, numinous and fractal. There are myriad forms of intelligence, such as emotional, positivist, [materialist], empathic and intuitive to name but a few, and I strongly suspect we are at the infancy of our understanding of intelligence as a whole.


TPTW2B are failing at almost every endeavour excepting the over riding objectives of chaos, suffering injustice wars and so on; the issue is that the specificity of their designs are constantly falling apart. Again, how and why these failures play out is at the heart of interpretation, language and intent.


Dr Martin Luther King once said,


The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”


(Purportedly derived from the writings of Theodore Parker in the first half of the 19th century).


It is this prevailing observation that has led many to believe that we are being guided by a divine hand. Whether true or not, it is evident that there is no linearity of events, meaning that non predictability is built into how our realities unfold. This is one reason why the meticulous planning of TPTW2B are unable to exert the control they desire. It seems the 'beneficent universe' has built into sentience the need for humility, Humility is the province of a subdued ego, and since its subduction entails an acknowledgement of interdependency and limitation it is responsive in consciousness rather than reactive.


But how do we attain to the humble responsive ego/consciousness so that we can unfold in sympathy with reality to the extent that it is both within and beyond our control?


12th century Christian mystic, St Francis of Assisi's famous prayer alludes to this:


The Serenity Prayer


God grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change;
Courage to change the things I can;
And wisdom to know the difference....


The benefits of such humility is obverse to the [satanic] manipulative mindset of TPTW2B, indeed, it is inimical to it. A humble, (not self effacing) mind is a conscious space of possibility.


As in the I Ching, and the Zen concept of 'the uncarved block', a mind that does not know what is possible is open to the miraculous. If refined, it naturally reserves a space for the divine – this is of course opposed to modern Western scientistic determinist thinking, which in its extreme egoic manifestation gives rise to New Age entitlement garbage like 'A Course in Miracles', and 'The Secret'.


One could equally say that working with high level forces requires awareness of quantum fractal possibility.


To recapitulate; there is a responsibility to interpret words, situations and meanings with care as we are co-constructing our realities to a certain extent. What extent that is is not entirely in our hands as nature works non-linearly meaning that literally anything is possible (see chao-plexity, or chaos theory).


TPTW2B are busy manufacturing mayhem but are unable to predict precisely the results of their machinations and thus are subject to their own self created unforeseeable chaos.


There is a mindset or Zen-type state of consciousness that is by its nature humble, i.e., it is not governed by an over-inflated ego, that although analytical, is responsive rather than reflexive. It remains open to possibility no less because it is aware of its limitations and the presence of serendipity.

I criticise the Western scientific predictive mindset, not because it lacks utility but because, by failing to understand how consciousness effects reality (experiments, datum and observations), the paradigm within which it operates manipulates reality unwittingly. This means that that mindset is not well equipped to comprehensively analyse and more effectively work with reality but is tilted toward projection.

Variables of this lower ego warps into overdrive through certain materialistic New Age entitlement books like the 'Celestine Prophecy' and 'The Secret', which when scrutinised, have parallels to Alt Right/ONA9 philosophy.


Its opposite is exemplified through St Francis of Assisi's and Zen Buddhist philosophy.



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