Yesterday the fake news media did various hit pieces on the ketogenic diet. They did this immediately after we found out that Weight Watchers lost a lot of money due to people turning to keto, so they appear to be catering to Big Corp and once again attacking truthful information. I’ve learned quite a bit about keto, have been eating that way (plus Paleo) for about a year now, and I finally started to add the intermittent fasting part of it in this year (instead of from the start). It took a good month to make it work for me and to really get my body into ketosis. Now I love it so much that I’m doing intermittent fasting every day. And I’ve still yet to reap the massive health benefits, including improved long-term energy, brain health, anti-aging and an immune system reset. I do have more energy, and I feel better. This is because while fasting, I don’t lose 50% of my energy to the process of digestion. I can also eat more food in a shorter period of time without blood sugar spikes. And I can go longer periods of time without food. I highly recommend the keto/fasting diet for practically everyone. But learn how to do it right from or other sources. Jumping into it blindly will result in many mistakes. Also, if you are still on a high carb/sugar diet, you can expect some detoxification side effects. The temporary negative side effects are not caused by the keto diet, but by a lifetime of ingesting too much sugar and feeding unwanted microbes in the gut. It is also vital to consume enough water and electrolytes like himalayan salt in order to avoid issues with low blood sugar. Some other things are allowed depending on the type of fast you are doing. Take it slowly and give your body the time it needs to heal and become fat-adapted (burn fat instead of sugar). The body has everything it needs to heal naturally, but certain healing processes cannot occur unless you are in a fasting state. It appears that the reason we get weak and unhealthy with age and then die within 100 years is because we continue to eat 3 meals a day. Why do we do this? Because we’ve been told to…because it makes money for Big Ag and Big Pharma. And then our habits cause our hormones to make us think we have to eat. I used to believe that nutrition was the key to health. While that is part of it, going periods with no food at all appears to be the key to longevity.