Each of us who is incarnating on Earth now has a duty/privilege to smoothen the transition of our planet to the next density. Even though there are many predictions about catastrophic events that our planet is going to endure because of the mismatch between true green ray vibrations and current state of the human consciousness, still there is opportunity to avoid these cataclysms.


In the Session 65 Ra discusses the subject of these predictions, comparing any prophecy with seeing the probability of someone choosing specific groceries in a store. Even though the “store” is packed with such “goods” as wars, cataclysms, tyranny and loss of freedom, “there is always one container in that store of peace, love, light, and joy. This vortex may be very small, but to turn one’s back upon it is to forget the infinite possibilities of the present moment. Could your planet polarize towards harmony in one fine, strong moment of inspiration? Yes, my friends. It is not probable; but it is ever possible.” [65.12]


As usual, the importance of this statement is not emphasized by Ra because of avoiding the infringement on our free will. But let’s look at an example that speaks for itself. One recent event clearly demonstrates how our state of consciousness can influence the whole planetary pattern: during the mass meditation on 11/11/18 Earth “rang like a bell”, releasing the energy of tension in an unusual, non-destructive manner (https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/2018/11/strange-earthquake-waves-rippled-around-world-earth-geology/).


This is just one of the examples of our mental power over the matter, even on the planetary level. It’s worth reconsidering our own abilities and responsibilities related with having such “superpowers”. Perhaps it’s important to start asking yourself on a daily basis: Is my state of being resonating with, and therefore contributing to disharmony of the environment? Or Can I change my current vibration in such way that I start harmonizing the atmosphere around me, therefore making my way towards that “one container in that store of peace, love, light, and joy” – our ultimate choice of a better future?


The good news is that we have HUGE support in the field of creating a smoother transition. Read the following quote from Q’uo and join the Team!


<< Question: “On November 14, 1976, Hatonn transmitted the following message: ‘Although the concept of the Second Coming is grossly in error, and that the consciousness of the one known as Christ has come many times, there is an incarnation of the Master in consciousness at this time among your peoples. This Master is, at this time, a young boy. He will be among your peoples and will aid them.’ Now it’s about 40 years later. Does Q’uo have any updated information on this person?”


Q’uo: I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. To give this information is bordering upon abrogation of freewill. We shall give what we feel is appropriate, and beg your forgiveness for not being able to be completely transparent in this matter.


There has been some misperception generated regarding this transmission of information concerning the entity that is supposedly the one who has been called the Christ. There is the concept that this is the one known as Jesus, the Christ. This is incorrect. This is an entity that has been able to achieve this level or station of consciousness through efforts of its own inner seeking that have been exercised for four of your decades to date. This entity resides in a high mountain area in the Tibetan mountains as a result of feeling its own inner direction to pursue the healing of this planetary sphere, or your Mother Earth, by those techniques which you may call the visualization of light, healing the ruptures in your planetary Earth’s garment or outer surface. This entity has joined with others of its kind, that is to say, who have a shared consciousness of the Christed One who exists in all, and who has created all from itself.


Thus, this entity, and those who join with it, are pursuing a specialized mission, shall we say, that has as its goal the healing of your planetary sphere, so that those ruptures in the outer garment that have occurred and will occur in your future, as you know time, may have as little a destructive effect as possible upon the physical environment and those third-density beings within the area of the ruptures. This is the extent of the information that we feel is appropriate to share with you at this time.” >>


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