Decided to come back to this space from a much quieter place. A place filled with love for those who surround me, a place without turmoil, a place without violence, a place without perceived injustice, a place without monetary concerns, a place without division. A place where everyone is free to think and express themselves whether it be in controlled spaces that serve an agenda or in rarefied air where individuality is a given.

Letting go. Letting it be. Enjoying the moment. Sitting within the essence of things. Wondering at the amazing glory of life. Listening to wondrous tales of desire. Enjoying a good meal. Playing in fields of green. Chasing a white ball, lol. Thinking of time spent with friends lost. Speculating on lives that you think you have lived, worlds you have visited, the permanence of life, the disappearance from this frequency into others that need your attention to exist. Acceptance.

Creating nothing, absorbing nothing. Crediting nothing. Acknowledging nothing. Being nothing. In the nothingness unbelievable energies coalesce into form after form being and not being light and dark silence and thunder. An amazing tapestry of everything and nothing. A place where you can gently smile and enjoy.