Hello world. The following is from 2018.

Many of you are asking where the Master Teachers are that are to help Humanity heal and regain their Sovereignty. You are asking why they have not appeared yet. Why are they not answering Humanities calls of Love for healing.

Humanity, the way you have been trained from the moment of your arrival here in this reality is the key to understanding and freeing yourselves. You must be willing to look at what it is you were taught to think and believe. You must be willing to look at what you were taught to judge your experiences as being and what you chose to judge your experiences as being based on the treatment and what you were experiencing in those moments.

Humanity you have been lost and wandering out in the wilderness of your imagination and what you have chosen to believe in as being possible to experience for you. Everything you have chosen to focus your mental and emotional energy and attention on you manifest in your reality to be experienced. You do this on an individual level and on a co-creator level.

Humanity, the Master Teachers have been all around you. They are constantly sharing with you the Truth that you seek. They lay these Truth's before you and walk away. They lay these Truth's before you and allow YOU to CHOOSE whether or not it RESONATES as Truth for you.

They do not try to convince you of anything they share with you. They do not ask anything of you in return for what it is they are sharing openly and freely with you. They ask you questions that are gauged to get you to turn within and begin looking at and questioning your own choices to think, believe, perceive and be. They share a perspective with which to look at something from that had not been considered before. One that comes from understanding and non judgment. Of compassion and empathy for where their brother is at on their journeys.

In many instances they will give one clarification as to what it is that is blocking them from being able to heal that which was experienced. How many times, it is a concept misconceived that is blocking them or simply a judgment being held that they are not willing to look at yet and let go of. All they share is gauged to get YOU the INDIVIDUAL to turn within to Holy Spirit for the next stages of your journey into the Labyrinth you have created for yourselves.

Humanity, each one of you are responsible for your individual choices to think and believe as you do. No one else is responsible for these choices YOU have made, but YOU. The training you received here has you blindly following, believing and accepting what another is telling you is the truth. You have been trained to seek out the judgments and opinions of those around you and enact those same judgmental beliefs on yourselves in the form of self castigation.

Everything you have been trained to do has been done on a subconscious subliminal level without your conscious knowing or understanding of what was happening to you at that time. You held no understanding that you were being coerced, manipulated and controlled through judgments, opinions, punishments of ostracism, physical violence and the mediums of shame, guilt and fear being used on you.

Understand, the ones who were doing these things and training you in this way had no understanding nor knowing of what it was they were doing to you. They were repeating a pattern that had been taught to them by someone else. They were taught to think, believe, perceive and judge everyone, everything and themselves from a perspective of the victim. They are taught they are required to believe what they are told by anyone who states they are the authority. They are taught the authority starts with their parents, then drifts to every adult around them. Then as adults it drifts to society, their bosses, government and laws. They are taught that someone ALWAYS has authority over them.

Humanity you have been trained to perceive yourselves as different from each other. To perceive your brothers as above or below you. You have been trained to believe that someone has authority over you and that you are not allowed to say no to their dictates. You have been trained to believe in and accept the prohibitions created by Society and enforced by mans laws. You have been trained to accept prohibitions that whittle away at your freedom to be Sovereign Beings that are Self Governing. You have been trained to do all of this without your conscious knowing. Just as those who came before you, you have chosen to repeat the same patterns that were taught to them and that were then taught to you.

There are Master Teachers all around you my brothers. I AM a Master Teacher. The issue many of you face here are your own choices to pick and choose what it is you will look at and consider, and you judge the messenger instead of listening to hear the message and what is being shared with you.

If you truly wish to heal you must be willing to listen and not respond. To listen and contemplate what is shared with you without judging it. Simply consider it and ask yourself if it RESONATES AS TRUTH.

For those with interest I can be found on multiple platforms. You can google search my name and find I post on sites such as Onstellar.com, Medium.com and Patreon.com/HealingwithSharing. I invite you all to come walk with me on this journey to healing and the taking back of your Sovereignty of Being through your Free Will to be as you were meant to be which is Self Governing as God created you to be. You are Sovereign Beings. What you do here now is play at being the slave...

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.