I know there has been a lot of arguing and infiltration in the community, but I am completely baffled about Robert David Steele, and I'm hoping that some of you have more insight and can tell me what is going on.  Or perhaps I will shed a light that few of you are aware of.  Whatever the case, this needs more discussion and exposure.

In case you are unaware, Steele is an ex-CIA whistleblower.  I have liked what he has had to say.  He may not be the most personable person, but he seemed to be fighting with us.  He has recommended some excellent and informative books; and he even said that he will compete against Donald Trump for president if he does not disclose the 9/11 documents this year.  Now I see that he is scheduled to speak at Dimensions of Disclosure, which completely shocked me after I learned the following:

In comes Kevin Annette (murderbydecree.com).  Annette used to be a minister of a Christian church.  He discovered the abuse of the Indians in Canada by the Catholic church as well as his and other churches.  He was removed for trying to stop the crimes.  He and his organization have been exposing the Catholic church, and they showed a picture in March of Pope Francis shaking hands with a pedophile Church of Latter Day Saints leader.  He claims that Pope Francis has been quietly stripped of his duties, and it is speculated that this was a deal to move the child sacrifices and/or evidence to the Mormon church in Rome.

Annette and his organization apparently received some cabal-sounding threatening email messages from Steele and his organization.  I saw a copy of one in a video by Dr. Katherine Horton.  Sarah Westall has had several interviews with Annette, and here is her latest:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75bKZZotJCo

Not only does Annette quote some of the email messages he received from Steele in this video, but he discusses his own illegal arrest at the Canadian border just a few days ago.

I am unclear as to whether or not Steele has been contacted verbally about these threats, or if he has personally verified that the emails came from him or denied them.  If they did come from him and his email address wasn't hacked, I will no longer trust him.  Dr. Horton doesn't trust him.  Did the cabal sidestep him and send the emails to turn us against him, or does he actually work for the cabal and has infiltrated our community, perhaps in an attempt to get us to replace Trump with a deep state Republican?  If he actually works for the cabal, then what a disaster for him to speak at Dimensions of Disclosure!!!

Please add your thoughts and information.