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All around us it seems, Alien forces gather, muster their powers, and execute their plans...


& what is their plan?


To destroy all semblance of order, Beauty, Honour, Science, Art, Compassion, Humanity, Basically, Life Itself!


Here is an example of what they are doing now in many countries, Mainly [but not exclusively], where brown & black skinned people once lived in relative peace.

bombed war child

Courtesy of Press TV, 1.6.2019: Little 4 y.o. Yemeni girl living in an open, Saudi bombed ruin.


Her story is horrifyingly & utterly inhuman.


Not even a partially adjusted human can do this to another.


She tells of how she watched her house bombed whilst

she was playing on her garden swing, How her father called out in screams for hours after her mother, his beloved wife, Nadia, his one moveable arm

gesturing between the screams to seek her out from amongst the overwhelming dust, blood, human body parts and ruins that was once their family home.


Her Uncle, Brother Mother and father, blown to smithereens – yet where is the OUTCRY???


You have the toxic-croc smiles from politicians in Washington, Paris, Germany and the ever 'Perfidious Albione', that 'uncultured progeny' of the Roman empire, Great Britain, Dammit, even the Italian dock-workers just days ago refused to load a Saudi ship bound for Yemen, with weapons,


[POWER TO THE PEOPLE - ALL THE Power to ALL the Peoples].


How can any human possibly go about their lives knowing that their taxes, Soldiers, weapons et-cetera, are 'bombing them back to the stone-age'


Yes, you are 100% correct, no human can do this, Humans do not knowingly build such weapon arsenals that will, if used, create such a NUCLEAR WINTER that all life will be extinguished from earth in weeks if not days.


Knowing this no human can allow the very earth they live on to be devastated with our own labours and energy – yet look at the Neo-cons and cowardly political class, Bankstre robber barons and all who are persuaded by their utter irrational nihilism, day by day, they Froth at the mouth for Blood of the Innocents and the vulnerable.


These 'LEADERS' are not human – only a race of reptilian-brained conquerors [or worse even], could perpetrate such folly. Yes, they have their bunkers deep beneath the earth – their underground military complexes, but that will, in the end, not Save them.


Since they cannot be saved, we must concentrate on the remaining humans – we must save ourselves, our children and our human family from this that devastates us from the inside and out, we must be saved from Agent Orange, the blimp idiot who serves a nation that is many 1000's of miles away from 'Murica and the west.


We Must Stand in Humanity.

I cried for a while, every day, I cry for a while when I see, feel and experience in my soul, the suffering of my Human Family, Black, White, Yellow, Brown, Red, it matters not.



I will be a friction against this evil machine, shout on the rooftops, challenge any and all in such dark deeds or any who cheer-lead it until I am no-more, this is the very least I can do.




F r e e   F r e e   P a l e s t i n e... and all the oppressed


P E A C E, [LUCO, 1.6.2019!]