A DAYTIME METEOR SHOWER IS HAPPENING NOW- Most people don't know it, but some of the strongest meteor showers of the year happened when the sun is up. One of them is underway now. Canada's Meteor Orbit Radar in western Onterio is pinging with activity on June 5th in response to a source only 20 degrees from the Sun. 

"These are Arietid Meteors,' said Professor Peter Brown of the University of Western Onterio. "We believe they come from sungrazing comet 96P/Machholz."

When the shower peaks on June 7th, Brown expects his radar to detect one Arietid every 20 seconds, a rate which ranks the Arietids among the top meteor showers of the year. 

It is possible to see these meteors. The trick is knowing when to look. The best time, Brown advises, is just before dawn when the showers radiant is barley above the horizon and the Sun is barley below. "The Arietids an observer would see before dawn are quite impressive as they are all Earthgrazers, skimming the atmosphere almost horozobtally overhead,"