THE SUN IS BLANK: Today is the 31st consecutive day that the Sun has been without spots. Pictures of the Sun look like a orge billiard ball. This is a sign of "SOLAR MINIMUM," a phase of the solar cycle that brings "EXTRA SOLAR RAYS," long lasting holes in the Sun's atmosphere, and a possible surplus of NOCTILUCENT CLOUDS. These clouds form when summertime wisps of water vapor rise to the top of the atmosphere. Water molecules stick to specks of METEOR SMOKE, gathering into icy clouds that glow electric blue when they are hit by high altitude sunlight. EUV radiation can destroy those water molecules before they freeze. Less EUV during Solar Minimum could therefore give us more Noctilucent Clouds. 


WHY ARE NOCTILUCENT CLOUDS SO PREVILENT: At night there is a surplus of NOCTILUCENT CLOUDS, on display. "On the evening of June 17th, a large area of our sky was covered by Noctilucent Clouds, even directly overhead." said a observer in Poland who called the display "stunning, unpredictable and very photographic.