We have a solution for Onstellar.

This has been a very challenging journey and we apologize for the off-again/on-again news.  Thank you for your patience. 

Short term 

Onstellar will be converted to a news-only front end with highly visible link to this version of Onstellar (social media service).  The news-only front end will be designed for mass appeal (non-woke masses).  It will not be restricted behind a registration wall and will not contain any of the more in-depth material.  It will have a Drudge Report style, and will include links to outside sources of information and entertainment.  This new Onstellar front end will be designed to build awareness in general of the issues we face as humans but also will have the goal of growing our audience organically... something that didn't happen using our former marketing approach.  Your favorite influencers may come over to Onstellar once we have successfully attracted a substantial user base.  

Visitors (and you) will be able to enter the social media platform from this main landing page.  The social media platform (this version of Onstellar) will be modified to accept advertising.  We hope this will be sufficient to maintain the service.  

Long term

We have hired a new development team and are currently investigating upgrades and new code bases for our social media site.   This investigation will take another few months but in the end we will convert the current Onstellar into a more modern platform.  A list of features and functions will be provided as soon as practical.  

What can you do

Please help us spread the word and get your curious family, friends and neighbors to take a look at Onstellar.  We hope we can earn their loyalty and continue to earn yours.