‘Jedi are taught to value dreams, but not to trust them.  Dreams can confuse as well as illuminate. A Jedi should test a dream much as he tests unstable ground. Only when he’s sure of his footing should he move on. Dreams can be random energy, nothing more.  Some Jedi see things in dreams, and others do not.’
~Qui-Gon Jinn – Jedi Apprentice: The Dark Rival by Jude Watson – pg.2-3

This is a valuable piece of advice, for this person dreams are snippets of prophetic visions of things yet to come or as signs as to which direction I should aim my focus and concentration. Understanding the symbols of the unconscious and bringing them into the conscious world, that is where discernment steps in as well as correlation with your inner and outer worlds. Learning to see symbols in the real world and pairing them with dream symbols is crucial however you should allow the unconscious mind to be the one searching for the connections. Do not go out seeking to find correspondences to your dreams as this can cause confusion and give you false positives, (Confirmation Bias). Let the connections come to you, the Force always has a way of sorting these things out. Soon revelations will come to you and when they do you will know it instantly without a doubt what your dreams are telling you.