This is a funny story and probably good as any for my last one here.


I mentioned a few times that I enjoy feeding the Sandhill cranes in my yard.  They have been coming back for a few years now.  A few weeks ago I was driving with my son and we noticed one of them limping across the road.  It was doing like a funky chicken step.  I said the bird was either hit or was shot by a bee-bee gun and felt bad for the bird.  Fast forward a few weeks.  I mentioned before, my wife and I talk with our spirit guides.  My wife works at a department store and recently she has been given another gift.  She can hear what people are thinking sometimes.  I think it is something the guides are probably doing with her. 


One of her coworkers comes up to her and says, "I have a funny story for you later...".  Wife then sees in her minds-eye a big bird craping on someone.  Like a gallon.  So later she talks with lady to get the story.  The lady says her husband and son shoot the cranes in the backyard with bee-bee guns because they don't like them in their yard (freaking idiot guy and training his son to be cruel also).  She said the day before the husband was riding his motorcycle with helmet and leather jacket and was being all proud of himself.  He kept noticing a big bird shadow over him for a mile or more.  It started to really get his attention somehow and he looked up to find it.  When he looked up, the giant bird dropped a gallon of #2 all over him.  The lady said it was in his hair, in his new leather jacket, in the seams, on his pants, etc.  All over everything on him.  My wife said again she was given the given the vision of the whole thing in her head before the lady told her the story.   After hearing this story we both cracked up for a few minutes.  That guy received some Karma from the bird over his partner getting shot.  We followed up with the guides to make sure this was true (about the bird hunting down this guy).  They validated the birds name was "Kel"  and he got his revenge and was waiting for his day in court with the guy.  He was like the leader of the pack and is really big, and also seems to have a sense of humor.


After hearing about the shooting part, a few animal lover employees got up in the guys face and sort of yelled at him - which he deserved.  It could be one the funniest stories of Karma coming around I have heard.  Also odd because all the things that fell into place.  First we saw the injured bird.  Second we speculated it was from a bee-bee gun.  Third, we got the story from a co-worker that tied together the whole thing.  We also received the name of the bird and validation from the guides.  So that is probabably my last story here before OnStellar closes up shop.  Has been great talking with you folks and sharing.  Hope to see you in the either.  Enjoy your journey.  Namaste  :-)