In a recent article published this July 16th, "'Everyone is Welcome to the Party!' the B-52s on 40 Years of New Wave," the band mysteriously comes clean about one of their songs being about a "time machine."  The song "Trism" was confirmed by original poster Pamela, who was a "friend" of John, as being some kind of secret song, when the lryhaber Youtube "Letter 177 tempus edax rerum" surfaced and she was posed with questions, which mentions a "friend will corroberate  the significance of the the musical group, the B-52s."

Unless there was this B-52s clue from the mysterious lryhaber Yoututube channel, the song "Trism" on the surface would NOT seem like a song about time travel or a time machine.  There is no specific mention of the topic in any of the song lyrics.  Yet as I have explored on this siite with many other examples, the musical group the B-52s have seemingly undercover written songs about the subject of time travel and time machines, some linking specifically to the original John Titor case.   But until this lryhaber letter was published, no one would suspect the song "Trism" was about a "...time machine like the Star Trek..."  The line "you got to go by trism" wouldn't give anybody the impression that the band was talking abouit a "time machine" would it?  As far as I can tell, this is the first time the band mentions "time machine" or anything to do with the subject as the inspiration for the song "Trism."