It’s no news that cryptocurrencies are continually striving to beat their fiat counterparts in the quest to dominate the global financial scene. The currencies have since grown from the mere store of value to become one of the leading financial instruments.

In spite of the massive strides in the last decade, cryptocurrencies have not been able to push through to become a globally recognized legal tender. Since then, it had been different struggles upon the other, as the currencies try to gain massive adoption.
Let’s look at the propositions made by the ONIZ blockchain regarding the reformation of the system to favor cryptocurrencies.


ONIZ is devised to be a blockchain platform that offers a definitive approach to incorporating cryptocurrencies into reality. One of the media is the use of crypto coins to fund projects. That would be facilitated through the ONIZ Fund platform, which is one of the tri-architecture used by the project to boost the status of digital assets.


The platform is the sole medium of accepting loan proposals, processing them, and issuing loans using crypto coins to deserving projects.
It should be noted that the loans in view are solely for blockchain-based projects, with particular regard for Decentralized Applications (dApps0.

So, investors and borrowers would converge in the platform to tender and approve loan requests. Projects that are found worthy would then be walked through the final stages of getting the funds.


It was earlier stated that the funds are specifically for Decentralized Applications (dApps). You may now be wondering the reason behind that.

It is so because dApps are one of the major forces driving the latest move to integrate crypto coins into real-world uses. The applications were popularized by the Ethereum blockchain, after which the TRON blockchain took it to the next level.
Now, many players around the world are using dApps by downloading them from the Play Store and other accredited distribution platforms. With many people in the world using many of these apps, it became imperative to provide funds to others to join the mainstream use cases. That way, the developers would also integrate cryptocurrencies for In-App purchases and other transactions within the app’s ecosystem. That way, it would be easier to have more people using cryptocurrencies for transactions.


Similar to other blockchain-based projects, ONIZ has a built-in/primary crypto token called the “ONIZ Token (ONZ).” It doubles as the primary payment tool within the broader ONIZ ecosystem and in other places.

For instance, the token is usable in platforms and merchants stores that partnered ONIZ. Through that medium, you can spend your ONZ token to purchase products on the partners’ platforms. You can also use it on sub-projects that are created with funds issued in the form of the ONIZ Token (ONZ).
Besides, you can use the token to purchase betting tips on the ONIZ gaming platform. With that, you would increase your winning rate up to 85%.


Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are two indispensable disruptors of our time. The consistency of the currency on the trading platform and the latest quest to gain real-world adoption underscore the fact that they’re ready to take over the financial scene from fiat currencies.
The varieties of features on the ONIZ blockchain could be the deal-breaker that would facilitate the real-world adoption of crypto coins.



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