I know that most people regard Ashtar Command as a fiction bounced around the Internet.  And, not everything on the Internet is truthful.


     Around the year 2000 when I visited the Secret Space Program (SSP) Space Station, I had an SSP assignment but was told to stop first at the SSP Space Station.  Everyone I met appeared to be Alien Nordic.  I came to the conclusion that they WERE Alien Nordics and that this Space Station was a Nordic Battle Cruiser.  It was huge in size and while most of my memories were mind wiped (either there or on return) I remember that they spoke to me about Earth/Nordic relations.

     I met a Nordic that looked much like this picture:

This appears to be a drawing or painting, but the man I talked with looked like this.


     He said that this Battle Cruiser was the location of the Ashtar Command--not Earth.  I only remember that we had a friendly talk.  There was nothing of war or animosity.

     Earth--mostly America at this point--has made contact and accepted the aid of an Alien Race so similar to us that they are likely our original place of existence.  [There is increasing evidence that we descended from several crashed Nordic Spaceships thousands of years ago.]  It seems to me that Alien Nordics want to reabsorb Humans into their society much as America would like Puerto Rico to become a State.


     But, there are problems. 

     First, we know little of these Nordics.  They too have been touched by Alien DNA!  Rumors exist that they have a Caste Society similar to India.  And it's possible they wouldn't respect our fledgling science/technology.  We would be altered and absorbed.  Our uniqueness and years of learning (and Religion) would drift away.

     A recent brief encounter with Tall Whites--which may be connected to the Nordics--is that they make Humans bow their heads automatically when 'they' are present.  I witnessed this!  When I didn't bow my head they looked sternly at me . . . then looked away.

     Second, our history and religion may prove superior in the long run.  We may be on a stonger/better Timeline, even though we aren't as advanced at present.

     Third, the Alien Nordics could be a false front for a much different race!  Grays or Reptiles could be controlling them!


     We are most likely an inferior power to them.  I say this despite my knowledge of just how advanced we are.  We must not become African Tribesmen of the 17th Century telling the British to get lost or they will declare war on Great Britain!  If they are, in fact, our forefathers from Outer Space--and I suspect they are--then we must respond as the respectful child, and not be brats!  But a child that asks for its freedom and gives love and respect for all that has been done for it.

     I suspect this will result in love and respect from its true Parents!

     We must continue to build and perfect Human weapons for defense.  But use them wisely and with caution.  Don't kick your Father in the shins!




Jon Harold LaVine