Einstein's Theory of Relativity showed that Time extends--just like spatial dimensions--both into the Past and into the Future.  This is fundamental to BLOCK THEORY.

     In 1977 I traveled one year into the Past to return to the USS Ogden heading toward San Diego at the end of its West Pac Tour.  This is because I had been abducted by Aliens one year earlier.  The 'abduction' took place because my roommate was an Alien in disguise.  I had told the Command of this but wasn't believed!  And, I was the Ship's Intelligence Officer!

     My roommate used the MK-Ultra he had done on me and forced me to the main deck.  There was an Alien ship twice as large as the Amphibious Ship I was on hovering above the water just off the Port side.  I was ordered by my Alien roommate to jump into the yellow beam coming from the Alien Ship.  I refused.  He used MK-Ultra and forced me to jump!

     To make a long story short I made my way through 4 Alien ships and 4 Alien Races.  Nordics, God bless them, returned me to the USS Ogden using Time Travel so I would appear at roughly the same time I left!

     The Nordics asked me how to go back in Time!  I suspect they knew how but regarded their Time Travel capability as Classified.  I told them that on Star Trek they did it by exceeding the speed of light.  So, the Nordics exceeded the speed of light after calculating on the spaceship's computer exactly how fast to go and how long a time.  And, I was returned right on time!

     Apparently exceeding the speed of light isn't that difficult!  You just push the throttle forward a bit and wait a while for the spaceship to exceed the speed of light.  The Nordics regarded this as a 'piece of cake'!  They must have something even better than a Froning Warp Drive.  [To the U.S. High Command:  Be careful of the Nordics!  They have their Top Secret Black Projects too!]

     Anyway, The Captain of the Ogden called me into his office.  He asked if I knew why the Ogden had already signed into San Diego Amphib Base when he went to sign in immediately after docking.  I told him it was a Time Travel effect and not to worry about it.  . . . Then I spent day after day talking to the NIS, DIS, NSA, CIA, and a few others I've forgotten.

     My wife Christine was upset too!  She told me she remembered me not coming home on the ship.  I was declared dead.  And, she had collected life insurance (the money had disappeared!) and how she had cried her eyes out.  Then--all of a sudden she was told to come to the Dock because the USS Ogden was returning (Again?).  She said this had her all confused.

     The worse part is I couldn't tell her anything because the 'Alphabet Soup of Agencies' told me it was Secret.

     So, Einstein was right!  We live in a Block Universe that extends infinitely into the Past and also into the Future.  And, I believe, this Block Universe is infinite in every regard.  God is Great!

     [Note:  This happened in 1976.  That's more than 36 years ago.  Legally, today, this is UNCLASSIFIED!]


     Now there is more proof coming from Trillion Frame Per Second Cameras!


     So, Time Travel is possible!  I wonder if, perhaps, this is a Black Project too.


I selected this picture of the Space Shuttle Atlantis because it reminds me of how the inside of the Nordic Spaceship looked.  The Nordic Spaceship, however, was larger and had seating for 6 people.



This is a picture of the USS Ogden, a U.S. Navy Amphibious Ship.



Here I am on the USS Ogden in 1976.