Where is America today?  For that matter where were we 50 years ago?

     This stuff is weird!  Hang onto your hats!

     The Theory of Relativity, Electrogravitic, and the Double Slit Experiment have their roots in the 1920's.  Invisibility and interdimensionality in the 1930's.  Anti-Gravity (Project Winterhaven) and all the rest came of age in the 1940's and 1950's.  And, this wasn't, any longer, just the puttering around of experimenters.  It was 'mathematics'.

     Chicago University did the mathematics/physics on 'invisibility' in the late 1930's.  Then, Invisibility and interdimensionality was demonstrated at the Princeton Institute of Advanced Studies (A Government Institute) in 1939.  A toy sailboat was made to disappear before News Cameras.  A wooden pointer stick was poked around where the sailboat had been (showing Interdimensionality).  Then a knife switch was thrown and the sailboat reappeared.

     Rocket planes had been built and deployed to stop Hitler's jet bombers from bombing America's East Coast.  In the early 1960's the X-15 rocket plane achieved Mach 6 in level flight.  While atomic bombs were built and used in the mid-1940's America came of age with nuclear power in the 1950's, including fission reactors.

     All of the above is 50+ years ago.  That's a half Century ago!  Where is America today?  DON'T BELIEVE FAKE NEWS!  Sanitized News tells you about cats that firemen have to get down out of trees.  About shooters on one block of one American City while everyone else in all of America's Cities don't have any problem at all.  And, about Santa Claus coming with his Reindeer on Christmas Day!

     [Note:  The above history is being covered up, hidden, to keep Americans blindfolded.  Why?  I don't know.  . . . Clandestine Alien takeover?  Your guess is as good as mine.]



An early version of an American Flying Saucer.


A more advanced anti-gravity vehicle from the late 1980's.  Disclosed in 1998.


I'm guessing this craft has been used to set up . . . Colonies!


This reminds me of the Observation Deck on the Nordic Alliance Space Station.


TR3-B Cockpit.


     And, I haven't even mentioned Teleportation and Warp Drive!  Don't tell anybody!


Added Bonus!