Growing up as a child your own mother would choose the type of hair style she wanted for you. Some mother's wanted their kids with long hair and others with short hair. Either or whatever the case was you certainly rocked your hair since you did not have a problem with what people call nowadays a mature hairline or with balding. Those glorious days where everything was just perfect and you didn't have to worry about mature hairline vs balding. So why do people worry now a days with hair loss and these other hair shenanigans related issues. To answer that question and other hair related questions let's first take a closer look to this next very important question to get to the very root of the problem.


Ever wondered why the normal human beings start to lose their hair more and more once they've reached a certain age? In basic terms it's simply the process of life. The life cycle of an individual hair is called a hair cycle. For decades experts have tried to see why this has become a major problem for most individuals around the globe. On average, everyone including your mother's mother sheds an estimated 50 to 80 hairs daily. Also because of the hair cycle, even if one does not have a hair problem, some 70 to 100 hairs fall out naturally every day.


There are different theories that involve why we lose our hair and why our hairline starts to recede and thin. Those are simply typical hair problems nowadays and back in the days as well. For most individuals, losing of the hair begins around the temples and often starts with thinning rather than total hair loss. Today the market is flooded with hair and scalp treatments that claim to be effective, therefore an enormous amount of money is spent on them each year.


Baldness in an individual occurs when the hair cycle becomes abnormal. It is said that a normal hair cycle could be disturbed by a physical abnormality, such as malnutrition, a prolonged high fever, or a kind of skin disease. Experts have also said that pregnancy and childbirth can also affect the hair cycle, so that the scalp sheds much hair before completing the normal cycle. However, when the causes are no longer present this type of hair loss stops and the hair cycle becomes normal again.


The male pattern baldness is the most common hair thinning situation in a person. Note this only occurs in men and not women. It starts with the recede of the front hairline or thinning of the crown causing it to progress gradually. As the hair cycles continue, the hair becomes thinner resulting in staying in your scalp for a short amount of time. Eventually no hair will grow due to the combination of hereditary traits and the male hormones.


To start losing your hairline and hair overall resulting in baldness typically could start as early as becoming a teenager, but it is more likely to occur when you are in your late 30's or even 40's. It does not matter your race or the type of person you are you could experience hair loss sooner or later in your life. Unfortunately, there has been no absolute cure found for hair loss. It's a sad reality that you just have to get accustomed to. Unless you are willing to undergo with hair transplants or wear a hairpiece to cover your bald spot. Or proudly be who you are set to be in the cycle of life and not worry about your hair going away. It is definitely something you must be willing to accept and continue with the beautiful gift called life without worrying of the hair cycle and its consequences for some individuals.


So next time you come in the mirror take a closer look at your hairline comparing pictures of you when you were a kid. Just don't be frightened it's simply the process of the hair cycle.