Being 72 years old I have been studying life extension.  

     A woman 35 years old doesn't have a 35 year old baby!  The Baby, at birth, is age 0.  But the cells of that baby came from a much older mother and father.  Your sex cells are . . . immortal!  They have their beginnings at the beginning of the human race.

     Scientists have studied human sex cells.  They never turn off their telomere repair mechanism.  Their telomeres don't shorten with each cell division like the rest of your cells.  Scientists are learning how to turn on that repair mechanism!  They found that Cycloastragenol helps prevent (and reverse) telomere shortening.

     General cellular repair is done by the sirtuin gene.  It repairs damage.  NMN stimulates NAD+ which, in turn, turns on the sirtuin gene in older people!

     Mitochondrial aging--which causes loss of energy and death--can be reversed with PQQ.

     Powerful antioxidants also assist in keeping the cells healthy.








          Krill Oil