Essential oils are made by reducing the best features of healing plants down to a concentrated form. These oils can be added to homemade soaps and lotions, used with misters to clear the air or simply inhaled. 

Purity Is Essential

There are many products that smell nice, but essential oils are more than just an air freshener. Make certain to purchase your oils from a supplier who is focused of purity. For example, the doTERRA CPTG process, or CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade testing process confirms that their oils are consistent and safe for use as directed as well as stable for future use.


Oils qualified by this process are free of

  • fillers that stretch the product but offer no health benefits
  • synthetic ingredients that will dilute the healing power of essential oils
  • harmful contaminants that can block the power of essential oils or cause damage

In addition, the plants, harvesting process, transport and packaging of all doTERRA oils undergo rigorous review to make sure that the oils are pure upon harvest, distilled successfully and packaged safely for use.

Carrier Oils

Oils used for aromatherapy are generally not as concentrated as essential oils intended for health purposes. You will need a carrier oil to dilute and apply your healing essential oils to the skin. There are numerous carrier oils you can use to disperse your essential oil applications. Products such as coconut oil, evening primrose oil and tamanu nut oil.


Be aware that the purity of your carrier oil will impact how well your essential oils can work. If your carrier oil is not pure, stored improperly or simply old, you may turn your pure essential oil into an ineffective tool.

Oils With Cleansing Properties

Once you've found a carrier oil, it's important to determine the essential oil which will benefit your skin the most. 


Essential oils with the strongest cleaning quality are the most beneficial. Both tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil can be used to clean skin, but it is still a good idea to dilute these oils with the best carrier oils. Consider using these oils as a way to cleanse the skin then switching to something more soothing, such as lavender oils.

Floral Essential Oils for Emotional Healing

 It is important to treat our physical needs as well as emotional needs. In fact, we are each a multi-faceted individual with a lot going on. To live fully and well in the best health possible, it's important to address not only our physical bodies but our spirits.


For example, our constant exposure to the stresses of the day may lead us to a constant state of anxiousness To reduce this risk, there are several floral oils which, when inhaled, can greatly reduce stress. Products from lavender to geranium oil can help us shed anxious feelings and move forward in health.

Final Thoughts

Essential oils bring us the healing power of nature in a highly concentrated form. They must be handled with care and stored as instructed by the manufacturer. In addition, carrier oils appropriate to the application must be put to proper use. Essential oils are serious and concentrated healing.