Intention was to be short but my brain had other ideas. From September 25, 2019.
Remote viewing/reading, with speaker assists. Grand Canyon imagery, reptilian descendant*? Did not come across as expected.

Lots of bad jokes #mybad ...

*additional: thinking on first appearance (jeep/popeye), looked up and realized it was the color of him that matched (nose was not like that at all) but his eyes were front facing, which was throwing me off (vs on the side). In his first presentation/my take, not sure if presented that way or just my mind trying to wrap itself around what I was seeing.

Seemed like a separate being from underground part when exiting, unclear- they seem connected? As if communicating with each other.

ok- before tapping this out completely, did a dig on the web and found this link:

Not sure of the author, but the details in regards to the general physical description were similar, and the word "Byzantine" was the name I could not remember (relating to the type of chain mail uniform he was wearing in RV).

from link/all credit for images 1, 2 to that author:




the hands in the actual photo were very similar, the color more close than the link drawing


the type of chain mail /uniform (?) (goog search)