Hello world. The following is from 2017.

People of the world, Hear me! You are being manipulated. Played one against another. What you are witnessing is a replay of Nazi Germany all over again. Except this time it is around the world. It is everywhere you look. You are seeing the children used as tools to manipulate through shame, blame, guilt and fear. Brother pitted against brother. Parent against child. Men against women. Women against men. Black against white. Brown against white. Red against white. Yellow against white.

Everyone is pitted against anyone who does not look like they do. Think like they do. See the world as they do. Believe as they do. Love as they do. Every tool created is being used against you to divide you from each other.

The "school" system has been hijacked and turned into Nazi schools. They teach your children to hate, lie, cheat, steal, be violent, and to even kill. They are being sexualized and taught to be submissive. This is going from kindergarten to University. You are paying these people to brainwash your children into slaves conditioned to do as they are told without question.

Men of all races are being told they are not allowed to be men. That they need to feel guilt and shame for being born male and even more so if they were born WHITE! Men are being feminized and their individuality, masculinity, and sexuality exterminated from birth.

Women are told they need to wear makeup and look good at all times. They are fed a constant diet of external stimuli telling them they are fat, ugly, disgusting, lazy, not good enough, and that they need to do more. They are told they need to objectify their bodies and do whatever is asked of them for a Man to like them. They are being taught this from birth now. Every day video after video and commercial after commercial of diets and half naked women in their underwear doing their yoga and exercise routines. All competing with someone in another video another commercial. All feeding a lie that women need to be someone and something else just as it is with the men.

There are few things that can bring a people together with one heart and one mind. One would be oppression. When a people have been oppressed and their God given rights of sovereignty to rule themselves has been taken from them they begin to rise.

No longer will these Nazi tactics of divide and conquer work. No longer will the subliminal psychological brainwashing of fear, shame, and guilt work. No longer will the brainwashing and stealing of our children continue. No longer will poisoning our water, food, air, and bodies with these forced fear guided medications work.

HEAR ME LEADERS OF THE WORLD, RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD, GOVERNMENTS OF THE WORLD and CORPORATIONS OF THE WORLD! Your time is done. Your corruption and perversion of Lies into Truth ends now. The people see the Truth. They recognize your lies. They recognized all you have been doing. There are more of us than there are of you. We are the ones with the real control and power here.

You have tried to take away our brotherhood and willingness to help each other. You have tried to silence any who oppose you by any means necessary. You have tried to take away the very things that have brought the people of the world together to help each other through loving compassion and kindness.

All of you have betrayed your people with your childish vitriol and pettiness. Your self serving greed and lust for power and control. The people are through playing your twisted games of control and manipulation. The people are cleaning house and it starts now.

The Star Spangled Banner and the American Flag have been a singular spark of hope in many a heart and mind the world around. Many have worked to come to the place they heard tales about. The place that helped stop Nazi Germany. The place that gave black men and women their freedom. The place that gave every man and woman an equal voice and a promise to be heard, represented and vote. The place that was once considered the "Dream Land" the "Place where dreams come true...". That is what that song and that flag represents for many.

The same can be said for every other country out there right now. The people want their countries back. They want their freedom to choose for themselves what resonates in their hearts. They no longer want to be told who to love, who to follow, who to believe, who to hate, or who to kill.

To those of you who took an oath to uphold the "Rightful Laws" of your lands. To protect your people and their rights. Your time has come. It is time for all of you to make a stand and hold those who are corrupt accountable for these atrocities against humanity they have incurred. You have the Truth in your hands. Act on it. Do not waiver in your temerity to stand in Truth and bring to account those who are liable. The people will stand with you.

TO THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD, HEAR ME! UNITED YOU STAND AND DIVIDED YOU WILL FALL! Let go what you think you believe. Let go the hate and bigotry. Seek the love within you. Reach a hand across the table and embrace your brothers with love, acceptance and forgiveness. Forgiveness for them and for yourselves, for believing the lies that have been getting fed to you from the day you were born.

Please be the Light I see you to be. Please be the Light I know you to be. Please choose to be the Light. Blessings on your journeys my brothers. You are loved. I love you.