I have been posting on Onstellar about Aliens, UFO's, and Technology.  But you are wondering, I'm sure, who I am and what are my credentials.

     I'm not going to bore you with every minute detail of my life!


     I was born July 20, 1947 in Burlington, Vermont.  My father, Harold LaVine, owned an IGA Store at 74 King St.


Picture of me when I was around 5 years old in front of my Father's store.


     We moved to Florida in May of 1959.  And, while on the highway just outside of Washington D.C. picked up a Washington D.C. radio station.  The announcer broke into the music broadcast announcing that UFO's were in the sky and Air Force fighter jets were overhead!  The radio station then went off the air and then there was static.  My father decided to keep on going!  No more was heard of any UFO visitors.

     I graduated from Largo High School in Florida in 1965.  Stayed with Howard Hughes, in Houston, Tx., and entered Air Force Boot Camp at Lackland, AFB in late July of 1965.

     While in Vietnam with the Air Force I saw a large flying saucer hovering over a field created by a B-52 carpet bombing.  I was told these are called 'enemy helicopters' on reports.  North Vietnam didn't have helicopters. It was a 'coverup' code.


Picture of me age 20 at Nha Trang Air Base, South Vietnam.



     I returned to Florida where I earned a B.A. degree in Philosophy.  I was in the active Air Force Reserves at the same time.  Then it was off to Navy OCS at Newport , Rhode Island.  I graduated in February of 1975, went to Surface Warfare Officer's school and then on to the USS Ogden in July, 1975.



     While onboard the USS Ogden I was flown to Vandenberg AFB as a replacement for Leonov on Apollo 20 in August of 1976.  We were on a WestPac tour at the time.  The Navy knew I was an experienced Astronaut having done Apollo 17 and 18.

     Several months later in November of 1976 I was abducted by Aliens from the USS Ogden along with others and spent a year with several groups of Aliens before I was returned by the Nordics.  The Nordics time traveled back to shortly (minutes or hours?) after I had been abducted, returning me to the Ogden.  I was told by the Nordics that I was in Outer Space for roughly a year.

     After returning to San Diego I was trained by the Navy on the F-14 Tomcat and SR-71.  But the Navy didn't know what to think of this Alien Intervention and offered me total disability for life.  I refused.  So, they gave me an Honorable Discharge instead, July 1, 1977.

     I was also a CIA/NSA Officer from my duty as the Ogden's Intelligence Officer.  The CIA/NSA kept me on but did an MRI scan and removed implant(s).  They also did a DNA check.  And, finally, a deep stage hypnotic probe and removed 'hostile programming'.  This was the right thing to do!  I wish the Navy had been that sophisticated as well.

     I returned to civilian life--but still a CIA/NSA Officer--and went back to the University of South Florida earning a M.A. degree in Philosophy.  I taught Philosophy at St. Petersburg Jr. College during this time as well.  Note:  I had scored I.Q. 220 on my Navy OAR (Officer Aptitude Rating) and graduated with high marks with my M.A. in Philosophy.  Later, I joined MENSA which I enjoyed for a number of years.


Now you know why NASA liked me!  I kept myself in great physical condition. I had no difficulty doing 'bunny hops' on the Moon!


     As the years moved on I worked with the National Reconnaisance Office (NRO).  In the late 1970's I did SR-71 flights every couple of weeks.  During this time I did a Soviet Union penetration resulting in NATO obtaining a Firefox Soviet experimental plane.  The movie 'Firefox' starring Clint Eastwood was a fairly accurate depiction of this mission.  It wasn't science fiction!

     I was told that if NATO didn't get the plane it would mean WWIII!  The Firefox upset the balance of power!  I had deep respect for the CIA in the old Soviet Union.  They were hard and tough!  They had seen family members beaten, raped, and tortured by the Communist Government and soldiers.  Under Communism the military can do 'ANYTHING' they want to civilians!  Civilians are treated like garbage! This is why Russians threw off the cruel yoke of Communism and went back to Capitalism.



     In the 1980's I saw a flying saucer and took this picture in Springhill, FL.  There were two flying saucers waiting for it that aren't easily seen in the photo.


     In 1989 I earned a 2nd Degree Blackbelt in TaeKwonDo.


     In the early 1990's my second wife, Gabriela, and I were in a parking lot and attacked by three men.  They had knives!  We defeated them but their insides looked like green jelly with thin white shiny bones!  Is this why we have these 'shooters' today?  What do 'their' insides look like?  [Note: the Alien threat is REAL.]

     A CIA/NSA Officer in good standing I took part in the Aurora Project from 1994 to 2006.  The Aurora Project included several different planes.  A lot of experimentation was done.  It was an Aurora Project plane that replaced the SR-71.


I'm the Pilot in this picture!  It was my last NRO flight.  While I did do a flight or two for the CIA/NSA after, age was taking its toll.


     While all the highlights of my military/government service haven't been told, I believe this gives Onstellar a fair look at my background.

     Currently, I'm age 72 and retired.  I have been in Outer Space.  I have met, talked, and laughed with Aliens.  They're a lot like us--and that isn't good!  We need the United States Space Force!

     Linda Mouton Howe did a nice video on my NASA experience.  Thank-you Linda! 




     Very controversial, but it's true.


And, yes, I took the photograph.  It's PUBLIC DOMAIN as are all of NASA's photographs.