Hello world. The following is from 2019.
There will come a point on ones journey when what their brother is choosing to believe in and so judge them as being will no longer matter in any way. One begins to recognize what it is their brothers do in those moments of projecting out what they believe defines them on others. One recognizes they are not required to conform, comply nor agree with what their brothers have chosen for themselves. One begins to stand up for themselves and stand in their Light of Truth no matter what their brothers choose or judge them to be because of it. Just because someone chooses to believe in something does not make it real and in this same respect just because one has not experienced for themselves what their brother has does not mean it is not very real to their brothers.
It is a catch 22. We are all given the ability to discern fact from fiction and to question what we are told is truth. Some of us do question and others choose instead to simply accept blindly without questioning what is stated to them. It is their choice to do so and it will be their issues to deal with and eventually heal from. None of their choices have anything to do with you and what you will choose for you. You cannot change anyone's mind here but your own. When dealing with our brothers all we may do is Lay the Truth as we know it to be before them and allow them to choose if it resonates or not. Like you, they to have to be willing to see things differently so change their own mind about what they have chosen to believe in here.
The "elected government officials" have been using tools such as political correctness and blaming the object for the actions of the subject to coerce and manipulate the masses mentally and emotionally to subvert their free will and Sovereignty from them willingly and unconsciously. They use labels to control how you think and perceive. They have tried to blame an object for what a subject chooses to do instead of holding the subject accountable for their actions. They have tried to strip from the People their rights to choose what resonates for them. All in a bid to enslave the populous unwittingly to their demented control. Humanity has been slow to recognize what is being done to them here. Humanity is slow to see the Truth before them. That they are being controlled and manipulated through fear to conform and comply willingly with their own enslavement.
Humanity is slow to recognize what they have been choosing here. You are living in a modern day concentration camp. Your water, food, electricity is all dependent upon your city governments good will. In turning off your utilities they are conditioning you to accept less for more and to turn on one another in your stress. Consider this aspect of divide and conquer. Now they are figuring out ways to manipulate where you go and how you get there. Similar to the mice in the labyrinth trying to find their way out and the labyrinth creators keep moving the walls around on them.
They are using psychological tactics used in gorilla warfare against the People. They are committing sedition and Treason against the People. Especially when they keep placing the non-citizens before the Citizens of the State and Country. Our government officials are colluding to enslave you all willingly using stress, fear, shame, blame and guilt to control and manipulate you to conform and comply and even beg for your abusers to come in and save you from them. Our governments have created a codependent relationship with the populous were the government abuses you as it wants to and you no longer get a say in it. They have effectively enslaved you using your minds and emotions with the triggers of fear of lack.
Are you seeing the pattern of manipulations yet? CA officials raise the gas prices to almost $5.00 a gallon. For months now they have been flooding the market with commercials about generators and some "natural disaster or power outage" that lasts for days or weeks. They watch an uptick in product purchases as gas reaches a peak were the public is beginning to complain. They then introduce the power outages and the need for those generators and a way to siphon away some easy tax fraud money on the gas, people now have to buy to get power in their homes. They are false flags manufactured to create a breaking point within the populous to either break and beg to be saved or to stand up and fight back.
I know I go deep, yet I state to you, research the psychology of indoctrination and the myriad forms it is implemented through. All we are taught to believe in are lies that have us enslaving ourselves unknowingly to an authority that does not exist. We are taught to believe in an illusion as being real and as being able to punish us if we do not conform and comply.
By the way, this IS a lashing back at the People for filing to have Gavin Newson recalled as well as having Shiff, Pelosi, Feinstein and the rest of them impeached. There have been over a million signatures demanding all of them be removed from office and impeached. Especially since all of their kids have ties to companies in China and Ukraine. That they may have been selling secrets to China on Nuclear reactors and new technology. The spy was caught, prosecuted and has sung like a bird of where he got his info from. Anyone remember Feinstein's Chinese driver of 20 years being arrested and prosecuted for espionage just before Trump took office? Connect the dots...