Hello world. The following is from 2019.

I am reading through the articles and commentaries on social media and news sites of the words used by our President during a rally. Many are affronted that he was using cuss words and others are outraged at his naming names and pointing out that his accusers are doing and have been doing what they accuse him of and on a much larger scale.

I happen to be a military brat. I was raised around service men and women and bikers, many of whom were vets. I can and do have what you would deem as a very foul mouth. When I speak I am completely authentic in who I AM in those moments. I do not hold back nor choose my words to keep from hurting another's feelings. How they choose to react or respond is on them. It would be their own judgmental perspectives that are eating at them from within if my words are bothering them. What that speaks to is cognitive dissonance on their part and not mine.

What many people miss here is their own judgmental perspectives of what is or is not acceptable for one to say. My brothers, neither you nor anyone else gets a say in how your brothers choose to express themselves. Your judgments of another's chosen expression would be another form of the propaganda called political correctness. The PC culture was created to control, manipulate, coerce and force one to conform and comply to another's chosen purview and perspective through the use of labels and their inherent shifting and changing definitions to suit whomever is using it in those moments. The political correctness culture is a manipulation tactic used against you.

What the majority of Humanity is dealing with here without conscious awareness would be indoctrination using your own minds and emotions against you to get you to conform and comply with whatever has been dictated to you. Labels are used to shame, blame, guilt and create a fear of being judged as that label and the definitions attached to it.

This PC culture has most of Humanity stumbling or hesitating to speak their hearts and minds honestly and authentically to themselves, let alone their brothers. Their fear of being judged silences them before they ever get a chance to consider the ramifications of their choice to blindly accept what has been handed to them. Their very compliance makes of them a willing slave to those who would don the illusion or label of authority over them.

Our President comes from a time and era before this insane PC culture came into play. He recognizes these games for what they are and what it is they do. He uses their own tools of manipulation against them when he labels them as they have labeled all of us up to this point. He has been effectively turning the tables on them using their own machinations they created to use against him and Us.

Who amongst us would respond so mildly in the same situation? It is doubtful anyone else would be as gentle as Trump has been up to this point. They have been screaming "GUILTY until proven innocent" for years now. According to our laws he is "INNOCENT until proven guilty" and not the other way around as they would have it be. We are not China.

They have been circumventing his legal rights to respond to his accusers and the accusations against him as dictated under our Constitution. By not calling for an immediate vote to start an impeachment query they have silenced his ability to defend himself in any way. They have the fake media colluding with them as well as the Alphabet agencies to produce this COUP against our President and the American People. For if they succeed in this we WILL lose all of our rights and ability to be Sovereign Beings as our Constitution DECLARES we ARE to be.

We are Sovereign Beings who use our Free Will to be Self Governing so Self Reliant. Our governments both local and federal have been stripping our rights from us one by one through propaganda, sedition, subversion and treasonous means for decades now. Many of their covert actions started back in the 1940's. It was back then they began using psychological and chemical warfare on the People of this country. All of this can be verified on our governments own websites and through the answered FOIA requests being answered of late.

As a matter of fact a reporter spent two years researching and waiting on FOIA requests to be answered regarding secret government cia run experiments on the public using things such as MK Ultra from the 50's through the 70's and 80's. All documented. Oh and there are still signs it is being used on us today. Look at the propaganda in news, tv ads, media and movies. All is created to twist your perspectives and purview's mentally and emotionally.

Research it for yourself. As I said it can all be verified...

Blessings on your journeys my brothers. Hugs and love. You are loved. I love you.