Date of this post: 13th October 2019: Updated: 15th Dec 2019.




Getting straight to the point, Q is again WARNING us of the biggest and most LETHAL planned FF = False Flag Terrorist Event since 9/11 and the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami that killed nearly 250,000 innocent people.


Why?  Because we are just under one month away from:  Q When is the next sequence?   v.11/9,  Attack(s) anticipated, and Q Yes in 2019.  So Q is making it crystal clear.






Using the American dating system of the month first, followed by the day, 11/9 11/9 means 9th November 2019, hence Q’s two watches both displaying 19 in the watch DATE windows, that are a complete match for the two digital watches blattantly displayed in the 1985 Back To The Future Movie that was about Time Travel and a warning about a FUTURE terrorist event.





Obviously 11/9 is 9/11 reversed or flipped.  The reason Q says Attack(s) in the plural is because the FIRST sequence of 11/9 11/9 in 2019 occurred on 19th January 19, where you will remember that we came very close to the FF, that, ultimately, the Deep State Satanists had to call off at the 11th hour, because the ‘plan’ had been made public by Q.  


Thus 9th November 19 is the SECOND sequence, with the planned FF being exactly the same as that planned for earlier this year.









Then the time between the MALL clocks changing from 1.16am to 1.33am and Twin Pines to Lone Pine is 17 minutes, whilst during the REAL 9/11 attacks, the North Tower was hit at 8.46am and the South Tower at 9.03am- with the time between those 2 hits- 17 minutes.













And the attacks are also printed on the US Currency/Dollar Bills.










What is even more shocking is that 9th November 19 also falls on a SATURDAY, exactly the same as did 19th January 19.  And Q even revealed the exact time of the attack = 8pm EST, the 8 being the MASONIC LOOP (figure of 8) and Q’s Do not lose focus on the LOOP.





The actual FF plan is to attack the tip of La Palma Island, part of the Canary Islands located off the North African coast,  using a space launched Electro Magnetic Pulse (Laser) weapon (EMP), causing a landmass collapse into the sea, which, in turn, results in a gigantic tsunami that fans out across the entire Atlantic, making landfall on the Caribbean, the American East Coast, the Northern tip of Brazil and the West coasts of North Africa, Portugal, Spain, France and the Southern UK coast, killing MILLIONS.  

This is why the Deep State has published multiple mainstream news articles over the years, warning that La Palma Island is ‘unstable,’ and WILL collapse into the sea at some point in our very near future, so that the public, ‘buy’ the false narrative, when they attack it.  Hence Q’s image of a PALM tree and a drop mentioning CANARY and signal (EMP signal).



This attack, like all their attacks, is ALWAYS preceeded by an enhanced period of what appears to be heavy, political turmoil, which is, itself part of the false narrative.  The current 'false' turmoil is Trump's impeachment. They have to keep the people constantly entertained and under stress as a continuous form of distraction from what is REALLY occurring behind the scenes. They then activate the FF right in the 'heat' of the turmoil to sway the public in the direction of whatever their agenda is for that moment in time.  Nothing is coincidence.  After an attack of this MAGNITUDE, ALL talk of Trump and his genuine Deep State crimes/membership/fake birth country etc, is instantly forgotten, as he takes on the ‘super hero’ role of leading the ‘humanitarian’ post disaster clear-up operation, and is thus guaranteed a re-election, and, along with all other Deep State slave masters, total adulation and hero worship as they fake their 'shock and remorse' over a situation that 'they' have created, until the next planned FF, with the FALSE narrative continuing year in, year out, with the comatose public falling for it every single time.   What else would keep their existence going, other than an endless cycle of FFs?




Remember his notorious 2009 Serta Mattress T.V Commercial where he blattantly mocks 9/11 with his sheep characters numbered 9 and 11.










For further proof, remember the Skull & Bones (a Masonic offshoot cult) logo of 322, and then look at 4 MAJOR FF’s that occurred on that date or a derivative of that date: The Madrid train bombings on 3/11 (2 x 11 = 22) that killed 193 and injured 2000,  the 3/11 Japan Tsunami that killed 18,000 and is Q’s decode of 11.11.18 as it occurred on 11 March 11 and killed 18,000, the London Bridge attack on 3/22 (2017) that killed 6 and injured 50, and the Brussel’s airport bombing 3/22 (2016) that killed 35.





They then happily displayed a 3/11 neon display in Times Square, New York honouring the two 3/11 attacks next to giant digital screens, again depicting sheep.













The Deep State ARE Devil Worshippers BUT try to conceal this fact by using multiple different symbols and offshoots of their cult, in the hope, that no one ever works it out. But Q came along and revealed all. Q their symbolism will be their downfall.


In gematria the word freemason = the number 42 e.g. A = 1, B = 2 etc



On 19 January 19 the Deep State almost launched the False Flag with Breaking News reports of a 4.2 Earthquake on La Palma Island, on the 18th January,  just hours before the 19th.  A landslide would have to occur AHEAD of the 8pm deadline, in order for the ‘TIDAL WAVE’ to form and then travel across the ocean, thus, this earthquake report was no coincidence.



On 9/11 itself, a UK newsreader reported LIVE that Building 7 had collapsed, when it was still CLEARLY visible and INTACT behind her in the background. Q’s 7th Floor no more.










The Devil Worshippers (under full Artificial Intelligence control- A.I.) believe that their ‘God’ is broken and are obsessed with clocks and sequences making ‘broken’ offerings – meaning black magic human sacrifices to their ‘God.’ 

And why the creepy voice in the BTTF Movie states: ‘I can’t believe this window is still BROKEN, ’ at the exact moment that the towers are depicted coming down in the movie, viewed by a man hanging upside down in a cupboard, which symbolizes the real victims falling/jumping on the day itself. 





















Below is the repeated article from 9 months ago that was warning of the 19 Jan 19 attack and it’s link.  It should be read as the same, EXCEPT that the date NOW is obviously the second sequence date of 9 NOV 19.



As stated before, please spread this article far and wide, because EACH read of it, makes us all collective witnessess, and the Deep State cannot proceed with the plan once it’s details are known to enough people.  If they do then this article would be used in criminal proceedings against them. Please once more, focus on the Light Forces who are behind the Q movement, preventing this atrocity. Thank you.



The decoding of the Q material in general, is still ongoing with much to be converted into graphics and then uploaded, so please do not mistake Q’s silence as meaning nothing is going on.  The time travel section is huge with much done, but still much more to be done.



Q ANON - RED WAVE 11:11 Decoded


I recently posted TWO Q ANON DECODE articles at where I use the avatar: trusttheplan.


I use infographics that I have already posted here.   Everything here is updated FIRST and then copied to my Onstellar blog page.


These 2 posts were so IMPORTANT that Q ANON has made multiple direct references to them,  so despite their content, already being found here, in and amongst the 5 parts of Once Upon a Q (that was last expanded on/updated today, 20th Feb 2019), I am also posting them here as stand alone posts, exactly as they appear at Onstellar.


This is the first of the two, that I started with the entry: WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT:





Most people here will be of the opinion that 9/11 was a false flag, inside job, which therefore would have been planned years in advance.


It figures therefore, that future, false flags have been planned years in advance, and the Q decodes are clearly warning of and revealing the date, event, location and delivery of the NEXT mother of all false flags, which is only *7 days* away from now on 19 Jan 19


How do we come to that conclusion?


On 11 March 11, the Japan tsunami occurred following an earthquake.


In Japan the earthquake & tsunami is also known as the 311.



Many countries such as the USA/Japan use a dating system where the month is placed first whilst other countries such as the UK/Europe place the day first, thus 311 means 11th March.


The Japanese flag features a solitary RED dot on a white background.


The tsunami is reported as killing 18,000 people (6+6+6=666=18).


Q dropped a post that said ‘’11:11’’ and ‘’Red Wave’’ ‘’Coming’’ and ‘strategic marker’.


He mentions ‘’Tidal Wave Incoming’’ on another post. And 11:11:18 on another.  The Red is referring to Japan, the wave –it’s tsunami, 11:11 the date and 18 - the 18,000 killed.


This would also explain why nothing happened last 11:11 (11th Nov) because the 11:11 was about the Japan tsunami. 


The Glorious and Parade from 11:11:18 has also been decoded and will feature in another mini post, but is fully explained in the Q Book.


The most powerful MOMENT during an earthquake, that usually precedes a tsunami is called the MOMENT MAGNITUDE.



Q posted ‘’Drop the video. Play it in Times Square.’’  He is referring to the sickening ‘Counting Sheep’ video played in Times Square during the Christmas period of Dec 2016 which not only displays the *strategic marker* for the Japan tsunami *311*, but multiple markers including ‘’Midnight  MOMENT’’ for other heinous mass murders and the one the Cabal have been dreaming of for years planned for next Saturday night.




The story of the 'Counting Sheep' video is celebrating the Japan mass murder, the Boxing Day mass murder, the Costa Concordia cruise liner attack and the upcoming 19 Jan 19 mass murder, among others.



It clearly displays *311* and *Midnight MOMENT* with the video creator looking up at the hidden in plain sight ‘black sun’ whilst the camera pans in on it also. The video describes sheep 7 storeys tall. The Freemasonic Cabal consider us sheep and the 7 storeys tall means the height of dead bodies (sheep) after the East Coast tsunami will reach 7 storeys in height as it travels inland. It also flashes up 666 which totals 18 (18,000 drowned).


Q: 7th Floor is no more.



Then an article was discovered concerning mystery ‘booms’ being heard In St Ives, Cornwall, UK.  However the last paragraph makes a blatantly obvious mocking, reference to the Japan tsunami that occurred 11 3 11.


Here is that paragraph and why Q asked ‘What does the ‘boom’ really mean?’:


 ‘’ It happened at about 11-11:30 am. The windows shook. Proper shake. The windows shook and doors shook. It was a big old bang. A single big boom.’’



Now we move on to the tragic 2004 Boxing Day tsunami that killed nearly 250,000 people. Q: kill box.



One of the most FAMOUS pieces of footage from that tsunami is from a couple standing on a headland, overlooking a beach where a solitary child or man is crouched down completely oblivious to the incoming wave behind them.


The couple exclaim ‘It’s COMING’, It’s coming very quickly.’  And the poor victim was completely engulfed before their eyes.




Q mentions ‘COMING’ multiple times, along with MAGNITUDE and Tidal Wave Incoming, all in the SAME post.




Why did Q post a picture of a *palm tree* and mention *palm tree* and singing like a *Canary* in another post?




For years now, the MSM has been publishing stories that La *Palma* island that is part of the *Canary* Islands, has a very unstable section, that is about to collapse into the sea at any minute.


They report that this collapse would cause a catastrophic tsunami that would literally wipe out the entire West African coast, the French West Coast, part of the UK Southern most tip, and completely wipe out the entire East coast of the USA, the Caribbean and the northern coast of Brazil.


They say it would create waves 100-200 feet tall that would travel inland for at least 4-5 miles.

They also say it is not a case of 'IF' but 'WHEN'.......


This would kill hundreds of thousands, if not millions.



By seeding this story over many years, the unawake will believe the story that La Palma collapsed into the sea when they attack it with their Tesla, Directed Energy Weapons, Q’s Mystery Machine.



Remember Q said Wizards and Warlocks repeatedly.  The book of that title was discovered and it talks about the art of the magician creating an illusion, which is why Q said we only see 2% of what is REALLY GOING ON.


Note the 666 that flashes up during the video.




You will also be aware that Q has exposed the Freemasons.  Top masons are known as *Master Masons.*  You will see the ‘marker’ that features MM countless times in MSM reports of murders and incidents.





Thus the 2 M’s in the Counting Sheep video displaying a billboard showing Midnight Moment is also a Masonic marker or signature meaning the earthquakes and tsunamis have been carried out by Master Masons, whilst the word MOMENT refers to the scientific term magnitude MOMENT during the most powerful moment of the earthquake measured on the richter scale, ONE of Q’s decodes for ’Follow the pen’ and 'RED Castle GREEN Castle.'






This is why Q said *Signatures are important* and *Find the markers.*


This is the STORM that Trump is referring to.  This is the event printed on $100 dollar bills.





This is the clock ticking that Q refers to from the 1985 Back To The Future Movie that displays *119* not once but twice and the only other clocks in the movie displaying 9/11 and 1/33 that then switches to 1.34.




Most know that 33 is a key Masonic number where you have 33 degree masons.


1985 + 34 brings us to 19 Jan 19.  The movie was warning of 2 false flags, first 9/11 and then it’s reverse 1/19, 34 years later.





This is why Q says Future proves past.



This story is huge and this introduction represents just a tiny selection of the Q drops and evidence supporting it.


Is it coincidence that ALL US military are being recalled to the US from Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan etc?  Ready to deal with the post tsunami clean up operation that will be the biggest the world has ever seen?




Is it coincidence that Trump displayed a poster a few days ago that stated *Sanctions COMING.*




Here at ‘trust the plan’ & 'IQ', Trump is exposed by Q as a Deep State Master Mason Cabal Member and NOT the saviour many think he is. Q has also exposed him as not even being born in the USA, same as Obama.....



Thus why Q said there is a plan for AFTER Trump, meaning Trump's removal.



Once one realizes that POTUS can also mean People Of The United States (code for all people of the world), and Prince Of The Underworld's Servant, then the Q posts suddenly make sense.


Why? Well just one of many stunning pieces of evidence dropped by Q is the mention of the Prince and The Mattress.




Google Trump Serta Mattress Commercial and there you will find his 2009 Serta Mattress Commercial/Advertisement that has him adressing SHEEP characters numbered 9 and 11......

or his family’s purchase of 666 5th Avenue for $1.8billion (18 = 666).



He is a 45 degree Freemason- the highest degree which would make sense given his position.


Obama signed the beam on the new ONE World Tower also with 666.





Q asks what does LARP really mean, and who are the real LARPers.


(Note the earlier ’What does the BOOM really mean?’ is also in the same drop.)


L.A.R.P is an acronym for: Large Hadron Accelerator Research Program at CERN where they have created and tested the Space launched DEW Tesla Laser Weapon systems.  Remember Trump’s Uncle came into possession of all of Tesla’s research.



Q’s A.L.I.C.E is also an acronym for the same program: A Large Ion Collider Experiment, where they also have a time chamber.  Q would know this given that they state they are from the Dept of Energy. The program is also known as the ‘Looking Glass’ and ‘Lotus.’


One of Q’s ‘MEMO’s is the historic one signed 1998 between the USA & RUSSIA , amongst many other countries including China, agreeing to ‘mutually co-operative’ Space research and joint programs, proving that the USA has NEVER been at war with Russia or anyone else for that matter. Behind the scenes they are all working together.  



The CERN logo is also a concealed 666.



The LARPers are the Freemason’s who control everything by means of their global, borderless network/web. The ss in Russia stands for Schwarze Sonne (the ‘black sun’ cult that they are all part of).  The UK Royal Family IS Russia and controls Putin and Trump.


Where did we find the 8pm time from?


This was decoded from Q’s Ha Ha Ha post.  See below:


Werner Von Braun stated on his deathbed that the last ‘card’ that would be played was the fake,  Project Blue Beam. This is one of Q’s ‘card’s and one of the ‘shot heard around the world.’



Further evidence of how we got the 19th Jan 19 date:


Returning to the ‘Counting Sheep’ Times Square video, the article about it has a segment near the end mentioning David Bowie



This was very important because it then linked to Q’s Remember this day post, dropped on the 19th January 2018, where a UK show company advertised a David Bowie themed concert that would be taking place exactly 1 year later on 19th January 2019, featuring the ‘Blackstar/sun’ and Spiders from Mars’.




That then connected with the posts concerning Q’s ‘when is the next sequence’ and Q confirming: Yes 2019. And v 119.


That was what Q’s recent (5 Jan) ‘1 year delta’ post meant. The word ‘delta’ from MK Ultra Mind Control terminology means ‘kill.’  Go back to the graphic where Trump displays his ‘COMING’ poster and you will see ‘1 year delta’ on the Q drop next to it.


Now see how the ‘spider’ element connects up again to the Freemasons. The mysterious NAZCA spider geoglyph in PERU is a star map and clearly displays the MASONIC 33 degrees, from where their famous dividers symbology comes from and the number 8 or loop, a spider having 8 legs.



The spider monuments below, that appear in 12 countries, including the UK, USA & RUSSIA have a masonic width of 33 feet. Is that coincidence?


Is it coincidence that the 2012 UK Olympics ceremony featured an 8 legged octopus?


And a demonic looking, hooded WIZARD wielding a laser weapon over a BABY in a cot?



Considering the complete censorship everywhere, using Artificial Intelligence bots, this is how Q had to get the message out there.


Everyone is happy discussing 9/11 and other FF’s but discussing one that has not yet occured and providing the time, date, venue and method is a totally different ball game, especially when it is planned to be the biggest and most lethal yet (in terms of how quick it takes).


Perhaps this is why Q posted only 2 days ago:


'Far beyond political corruption/sedition.'



And here is what one of Q's 'Lights on' means:


The 'runway lights being turned on' during this Masonic fashion show in a catholic church......





'Runway lights being turned on' discussing the 1985 Egypt Air Hijack FF that forms part of this 19 Jan 19 FF decode, leading to Yes 2019:



This story was first decoded (with less detail but the 8pm 19-1-19 time/date intact) early last year, which many thousands saw on another website prior to Onstellar’s launch, so one would hope that that is enough to thwart the plan as we all number several thousand as witnesses, and Q said nothing is ever deleted.


Q: Perhaps someday people will understand that ‘they’ had a plan to ‘conduct’ another mass extinction event’.....



I ask that we ALL meditate and pray for the light forces and good guys to disable ‘their’ Tesla weapons on the day so this atrocity is prevented.  It is scheduled to occur at 8pm EST on Saturday, 19 Jan 2019.  The La Palma island collapse would have to occur several hours before that to allow for the waves to cross the Atlantic.


Please share this story as the more witnessess we number, the bigger the chance of *them* having to abandon their plan.