There's no doubt life is stressful, and it takes a toll on our minds. We often don't take the needed time to sort things out that might be troubling us. Too many of us continue through life with problems festering that make us want to explode. Often times, it's the environment or the people we associate with. It's too much to handle and we haven't figured out a way to back off. Everyday we keep trudging forward hoping things will let up. Too bad they don't, and we're left feeling empty. Here are some things to consider on how to keep a healthier state of mind.



It takes us a while to realize that the subway ride into work is getting us ramped up mentally where we want to lash out. It could be your job environment causing more stress than you expected. Our environments often are the source of our mental challenges. Our state of mind is not clear nor focused. We have to find a way to escape from these harmful environments before it's too late. No one wants to have a meltdown at the coffee shop. Try to find quiet spaces outside of work where you can get in tune with your thoughts. We all get a lunch break so use this time to walk away from the building and get some fresh air. 


Use your small break time to sit on a bench, and read at your job's site. The point is to leave your worries behind in the office. Get outside to gather your thoughts, especially if something is really bothering you. Using Young Living Essential Oils during these environments could help. Don't continue to sit at your desk when your mental thoughts are seeming harmful and not clear. Talk to a manager and tell them you need a break or have to go home.


Toxic Friends

We all have them and for some reason we can't seem to get rid of them. Toxic friends will destroy one's mental stability over time. You must begin recognizing that your buddy is not the best for your state of mind. Most toxic people know the right thing to say that brings you down. They drop criticisms you don't expect. Your left hanging on to these statements long after the conversation has ended. Get rid of people who only bring you misery. It's hard to do at first, but once you realize they're the ones causing you mental pain, you'll act fast to end the relationship. 


Once this happens, you might find you can think clearer and feel better about yourself. Keeping friends around who are demeaning and unleash negative thoughts is not your type of person to have around. This means no more inviting them to dinner or having them at your house. The communication needs to stop so your can get on with your life. Think about some of the offensive things they've said that you've never questioned. Write them down if needed, but at least narrow down why your friend brings you so much mental anguish.



Hobbies are a great tool to create a healthy mind. You are working on something that has a goal, and you will make an accomplishment. Hobbies are the oldest form of getting away from it all and working quietly in the garage. They are something to look forward to when you get home from work or on the weekend. It's exciting to focus on your hobbies and figure out the next steps. Today, people have created video platforms showing off their talents of re-building old cars to making amazing furniture. Think about a hobby you can start doing today. Find out how you can work it into your busy schedule. Your spirits will go up once you begin hammering away or designing a project that makes you feel good. Many people have started a hobby and left their full time jobs because of the positive vibes.