In 1967 I was met at the L.A. Airport by a black limosine.  I had no idea what was going on!  Several men said Howard wanted to see me and asked me to go with them to his home in Beverly Hills.


[Howard Hughes' home in Beverly Hills.]



     Howard was my God Father.  He had visited my family several times while I was growing up.  I lived with him in Houston for 3 weeks before going into the Air Force in 1965.  This was my first visit to his Beverly Hills home.  It was quite beautiful with a nice pool in the back.




     I was met at the front door by Yvonne De Carlo!  Yvonne and Howard were friends and she was staying with him in Beverly Hills.  She was a bright and charming women!  She showed me around and finally took me to Howard's door and said he would be out in a moment.


[Yvonne De Carlo]

[Yvonne De Carlo]


     I was on my way to Vietnam and Howard wanted to see me before I left the States.  I waited, and waited, in a beautiful hallway--that didn't have any chairs!  Finally, Howard opened the door and we spoke for a while.  He wished me his best.  Yvonne came out of her room and wished me her best as well.

     I couldn't understand this big send off going to Vietnam.  I never worried about bullets and bombs!  The USAF was doing it's thing in Vietnam and I wanted to be part of it!

     Howard couldn't understand why I selected Vietnam when I had my choice of bases because I had been isolated remote in Alaska for a year.  I told him I wanted to see what was going on and it sounded exciting.  Both Howard and Yvonne looked at the ceiling for a second like they couldn't understand!

     Today, both Howard and Yvonne have passed but I want to say, here in public, that I loved both of them.  Both were brilliant and loving people.



     This is how Howard looked at me when I sat at the head of the table in Houston in 1965!  He said I should sit at his right side instead!



Jon Harold LaVine