Your special day's coming, and you want to look fabulous without breaking the bank. You may think this is an impossible task? J Crew and I think not. You need a combination of fabulous look and bearable cost. Having scoured designers and brands, stores and sites, J Crew has won out as the top performer when it comes to beautiful, affordable options for brides. We've gathered three seriously sweet options, which all fall below the $400.00 mark, to get your hunt starting off (and, maybe even ending) on the right foot. Who knew cheap wedding dresses could have such style and class?

Get the kids together and let them rummage through a huge trunk of old formal clothes. Oftentimes, these clothes are available extremely inexpensively at local thrift stores. Ask the children to find outfits they think would be suitable for the prom. Award each child a prize based on her outfit. Prizes could be given for best outfit, most colorful outfit, most unusual outfit or other categories.

Search for discounts for the website where you discovered your favorite dress styles. On the sites you may also find clearance sales where you can get prom dress under 100. Although some of these gowns are out of fashion or look simple, you can rebuild it with a new look. Add a necklace, bracelets, rings or even a hair piece to your simple dress pattern. Make sure that the accessories you add match with the prom theme.

You can also try popular department store, Macy's, for great 2010 prom dress deals! On Macy's website, you can score tons of fun looks for under $100! There are prom dress and gowns priced between $69 and $300, but many beautiful frocks fall well below the $99 mark.

While throwing a few extra pounds can be a good opportunity to look healthy and be good, it is also important to do this without getting hurt. Crash diets never last in the long run, and you do not want to just finish the pack the pounds again after your wedding.

Those who are thinking of getting their dress sewn from the scratch should certainly choose to go for boutiques. cheap prom dresses under 100 can easily be designed here so if you are running low on your budget, you will find a lot of better alternatives. You can choose the fabric, the design, and the sequins so all in all you would create your own wedding dresses at a boutique. But this process can be a little lengthy and if you are thinking of shopping swiftly then online shopping is certainly the right choice for you.

Prom girl is a site that offers some really beautiful dresses in various sizes and styles. They have Prom dresses as cheap as $59.00. Just check the sale section to see the current list of dresses that they have on sale. They also have Mori Lee gowns for only $198.00. IF you know anything about Mori Lee than you know that price is very reasonable.

CASHIER: I'll bet you flunked math and your teachers passed you because you got to be too old to look good in a prom dress. That's okay, Ma'am. The scanner will adjust so that you get six bottles for the price of four, just as you are supposed to.