Because Scott Kelly had serious blood flow problems after he returned from roughly a year on the International Space Station, there is serious talk of providing artificial gravity for additional space exploration.  The talk is about centrifugal force--spinning a space craft--mimicking Earth's gravity.

[Scott Kelly]


     The Outer Space Aliens with their immense Space experience do it differently, however.  In Fall of 1976 I was abducted for about a year by 4 different groups of Aliens:  the Ebens, the S Men, the M Men, and the Nordics.  [A Navy Line Officer at the time the experience was upsetting--and NOT career enhancing!]

     All had artifical gravity of some sort.  I asked the S Men--slit eyes, brown fur, and wearing jump suits--how their artificial gravity worked.  They replied it was magnetic.  Simple magnets in the floors.  Since I hadn't noticed my shoes sticking to the floor I asked how it worked without metal shoes.  They said it attracted hemoglobin in the blood.

     I replied that would pull blood into the legs, and that didn't seem to be happening.  They gave the equivalent of an Outer Space Alien giggle and said it doesn't do that!  Also that magnetic attraction would do no harm for even long periods.

     Remembering back, I don't think it was full Earth Gravity but I was comfortable and feeling no ill effects.  But what about metal like wrist watches I asked.  And they reminded me that I wasn't wearing any.  I wasn't in my Navy uniform.  I was in an S jump suit!  I didn't have a wrist watch on or even a metal belt buckle.  No metal--just blood!

     Whether the other Aliens I traveled with used the same magnetic system I don't know.  But I felt fine on all their Spaceships.

     Note:  I was in huge Starships, light years from Earth, with both the S Men and M Men.  Even the Eben Ship was twice the size of the USS Ogden, LPD-5.




     The following video may explain why the S Men have their lighting on the walls, not the ceiling.  Perhaps their magnets are in the ceiling!



     All I know is what the Aliens told me.  Maybe it's worth an experimental try!


     They all aren't 'nice guys', but they know a lot about space travel!