Reading/Riverwalk, Impeachment inquiry, Oct 24, 2019 11:17am, PST

This is one of the more choppy readings that I've done, less flow, and more like listening to a walkie talkie with words coming through sporatic and disjointed. I kept trying to bypass what felt like were imposed distractions- these felt like too much imagery was thrown in but in a fragmented way- almost like through a kaleidascope. It seemed to be multi-pronged information, all connected, but over and over again the images and word "trade" were impressed. The word "coup" felt like it was very 3d, not from a topside perspective- almost as if it was more of an opinion of the speaker, vs eyes on/knowledge.

Much of it went over my head though it definitely had a sort of prickly energy to it. I can see how it could be very one sided in this, depending on who you support in politics. It felt like walking through a trail of broken glass.

I'm holding off on images to show, and if I come back to this topic, I will re-write a new article (leaving this one up,too) and include additionals and the orig.