The 'Alien Eyeball' as blown up from the Gray Alien's face.

]Alien Eyeball.]


     The above Alien Eyeball came from the Gray Alien's face.

[Gray Alien's face.]


     Where did the Gray Alien Face come from?  Why it came from NASA, of course!  It was found on an unclassified NASA authorized website quite a few years ago--no one hacked or stole anything.  And, as with all U.S. Government releases it was both 'Unclassified' and 'Public Domain'.

     Why was an ALIEN BEING PHOTOGRAPH allowed on an unclassified web site?  It was on the website because no one had noticed it!  Scarcely anyone knew of it because NASA covered up Alien contact on Apollo 17.

     But I knew of it!  I was on Apollo 17.  I took the photograph with my hasselblad camera.  And, I knew it had to be in the NASA photographs somewhere.  So I searched on the web hoping no one had sanitized the photo.  It was mixed in with gray pictures of the Apollo 17 landscape.  It looked like the rest of the landscape pictures.  The Alien's gray skin was almost the same shade of gray as the lunar surface.  It hadn't been seen!

     So, NASA had released into public the picture I had taken of the Gray Alien.

     But the Alien Gray looked so much like wrinkes in the landscape that I blacked in the area surrounding the Gray Alien.  It made the face stand out.  I also did a blow up of the photograph and cropped the Alien's face.  Later I did a blow up of the Alien's eyeball and found it reflected the Apollo 17 landing site!  I remember the Alien cocking his head slightly just before I took the picture.  I believe he cocked his head so the U.S. Flag, Lunar Module, and his Alien Moon Buggy would be in his contact lens reflection.  Don't underestimate the Grays--they are very bright.


[Flag and Lunar Module.]


[Alien's Moon buggy with the Earth setting in the background.]


     The mountains in the Taurus-Littrow Valley are 30,000+ feet high, so the Earth proably didn't quite completely set.  But the mountains made it look like it set.

     So, the picture was made public by NASA (even though they may not have intended to do so) and it is PUBLIC DOMAIN.  No hacking of NASA computers was done, nor did I sneak a photo out of Kennedy Space Center.

     Apollo 17 landed in an Alien Industrial Park.  There were buildings on a hilltop.  And, another Alien--in a spacesuit--suddenly appeared at Tracy's Rock.


[Building on an Apollo 17 hilltop.  Also, released by NASA--PUBLIC DOMAN.  I doubt anyone saw the building!  The picture is a blow up of the original.]


[NASA released PUBLIC DOMAIN picture of Astronaut at Tracy's Rock.  Notice helmet reflection!]


[Blow up of the Helmet Reflection above.  It shows a spacesuit without a backpack which would have suffocated an American Astronaut.  It shows black pants and odd shoes.  He suddenly appeared at Tracy's Rock.  Probably due to teleportation.


     So, naysayers stand aside, these pictures show that Aliens are on the Moon in the Taurus-Littrow Valley.  You knew that Aliens exist, I hope!


[I took this picture as we rocketed from the Alien Industrial Park in Taurus-Littrow Valley.  It was enhanced (contrast, etc.), but nothing drawn or painted in.]


     And, yes, the 'Cat Picture' was there too!  NASA must have missed it!


     I had noticed what looked like a bunch of shiny green eyes in the crater to the left in the picture.  I didn't go into the crater because God only knows what it might have been!  But the cat went into the crater just after this picture was taken.  I suspect the 'green eyes' were . . . kittens!

     Are cats indigenous to the Moon?  I doubt it!  But Aliens like cat pets too!  And, Grays are experts at genetic manipulation!

Note:  Although I altered some of the pictures above by cropping, blowing up, and contrast, I regard them as NASA PUBLIC DOMAIN.  NASA never mentioned them and 'Fake News' never reported them, but NASA released them to the public.


     Here is Linda Mouton Howe's YOUTUBE Video on my 'Secret Astronaut' Apollo Missions:  17, 18, and 20.