The mysterious iamaphoneymusic Youtube channel seems at first glance, with it's small number of subscribers with many of the backwards Beatles songs only getting a few hundred or so views, as just another insignificant place on the internet. Yet these innovative songs sound not like anything amateur, quite the contrary are surprising very professionally produced. It would seem hard enough to take specific Beatles songs and turn them around backwards and then 'translate' what is being heard into real word song lyrics. And it would equally take a very talented musician to turn around the music so that when the new tune is turned around, the original Beatles song is clearly heard. Here is a good example from another channel of the Beatles song, “Dear Prudence,” clearly heard from turning around the iamaphoney song, “Starimaginal.”


These incredible songs, both in terms of composition, and innovative in a new music form of reversing popular songs, become clearer as to the real origin from seemingly one of the last if not last iamaphoney releases to date, the 2014 “Billy and Me” on the MikeyNL1038 Youtube channel. Toward the end of the documentary, the lead singer discusses this new art form of backwards music as being produced in England and Mozambique. Quite the stretch of locations considering this iamaphoneymusic channel appears to be ordinary and lost on Youtube. The studio in England is confessed to be “Hog Mill” at 31:02, which of course is a real Paul McCartney recording studio. So it would seem that these iamaphoney songs are indeed done by professionals and is very likely a Paul McCartney secret project. This really is the only explanation for the quality of the iamaphoney song catalog, even though the channel is far from popular or receiving Beatles or McCartney traffic.


Certainly iamaphoney is a “Paul is Dead” channel, not to mention on the dark side with the alleged use of black magick by the Beatles for songs and album art. So this in itself may be keeping folks away from discovering this secret McCartney project. But what should be taken very seriously is that if iamaphoney documentaries and songs are indeed tied back to Paul McCartney, then this is part of a real disclosure and not some crazy “Paul is Dead” conspiracy theory with no merit. As I have discussed on my onsteller channel in the past, another such “Paul is Dead” project, the book “Memoirs of Billy Shears,” also very likely tied back to Paul McCartney himself. However folks find some of the information far fetched, especially that it is claimed that, Vivian Stanshall, the lead singer of the Bonzo Dog band, and the current Paul McCartney are the same person. Anyone familiar with the Bonzos know that it was a comedy act, and precursor to Monty Python's Rutles. However, upon a closer look at the song lyrics and images, there was also a witchcraft vibe going on as well. Songs like, “11 Mustachioed Daughters” may seem like just a silly song, but upon inspection of the lyrics that it is clearly an attempt at a magic spell “To choose another's form and make it thine.” This makes sense in a “Paul is Dead” situation where a new man has to secretly change his identity and become Paul McCartney to carry on with the band.


Then the Bonzos, in their apparent comedy act to proliferate witchcraft, also sang about “monsters” with their cover of “Monster Mash” and “Look Out, There's a Monster Coming.” Their original composition “monster song” is also about an identity change. “Look Out,...” is about a lonely man who makes drastic changes to himself over time to find love and eventually becomes a monster. These two Bonzo songs about a “monster” takes on more significance for “Paul is Dead” when you consider the iamaphoney song, “AskTheLaw” the lyric questions, “What is that monster birthday?” Is seems very likely that if indeed the “Paul is Dead” is true, the current McCartney may have viewed his transformation from “William or Billy” into the superstar Beatle as that of destroying his original self, or becoming a monster, but now “in business in step and with the approval of the staff.” Of course the Law that the song is referring to is Aleister Crowley's, “Book of the Law” of magick spells. So again we can see the connection of the Bonzo Dog band and iamaphoney to witchcraft.