I am reading again Endall Beall's Book 'We Are Not Alone Part1'  Chapter 13 is a killer called the Name Game.  Enki and Ninhursag were the ones behind the Nega Names of all the so called gods and goddesses.

We Are Not Alone - Part 1: A Challenging Reinterpretation of Human History (The Evolution of Consciousness) (Volume 6)

God is consciousness...

not a creator. God is the source

of creation itself. It (not he or she) It is

talking about the expression of the God

self that rest inside of me/ the verb...

the Energy … not the noun. Once you

think God is a noun, person, place, or

thing, you separate yourself from it

and immediately become a limited

being. That's what separates the

believers (religious) from

the knowers (spiritual). Source: The Minds Journal