A research paper is a time-consuming process as compared to other learning courses. It can turn into a nuisance, especially if the topic is not given or not clear to the student. With multiple variables and tons of words to cover, a student feels completely lost. We have compiled 15 realistic and thought-provoking topics for you to indulge yourself in and create a profound paper.


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There are a few constituents to keep in mind when writing a paper these few points are jotted down to suffice your time and help to produce assignment before the deadline.


It should be something you are fond of:


The core meaning of assembling the information is to acquire it; if the topic is something that you are driven to be assimilated, and then your assignment can be heartfelt and accurate. Before writing, remember to obtain a topic that you are fond of as well as contain enough information, throughout the internet to stabilize a debatable point.


It should be discrete and authentic:


An integral part when assimilating the information is thoroughly checked for authenticity. College assignments should be well-written and mostly based on discrete facts and figures. It needs many citations, including online and offline means along with the book recommendations. Your paper’s basis should be on actual and viable information in order, to be perceptive.


It should be to the point:


A proposition does not need to be lengthy or irrelevant. Make a thorough research on the said topic to avoid pointless banter. Your speculations should be based on the authentic pieces of evidence so that it can be easy to defend. In terms of information, it is essential to be original.

Topics for research proposals:


The following are some viable topics with numerous sources to gain information on. The accumulated topics differ from history to arts and political agendas. These topics reside hundreds of citations and prove to stand with the paper as your second line of defense; first will always be your speculations.


Topics related to technologies:


Some topics that reside here have the most information in the cyber world. It is also the trendiest variables that most people are accustoming to. The era of technology has opened a lot of minds and queries regarding it.


  • The progress of AI in the quality of life.
  • The history of the cryptocurrencies.
  • Does E-learning have a positive impact on the studies?
  • The impact of mobile phones at your workplace?

Topics related to health:


Even with progressing and sustaining life, health is still the most neglected aspect of it. Make sure your paper comprises of cures and ways to overcome these contiguous illnesses for the betterment.


  • The effective means to overcome depression.
  • The level of stress an average person endures.
  • Is social media the cause of anxiety and depression in teens?

Topics related to environmental hazards:


The world and its dying ozone need a raising voice. These topics are for the betterment of the world.


  • How the quality of water can be improved?
  • The disforestation analysis in the last 3 decades.

Topics related to the history of arts:


We have compiled some topics regarding history and arts concerning their bombastic evolutions. Some were widely successful while others were heat wrenching.


  • How art deco and nouveau are differentiated and are implemented in the latest trends?
  • Describe the causes and consequences of the Salem witch trials?
  • Describe the history of cinema?

Topics related to political agendas:


The political matters that stir the most eyes and are reckon worldwide either accusatory or in correspondence to. Therefore, there are multiple ways to create your paper and make it effective. A website like www.dissertationhelp.ae

  • The rise of Hitler and the consequences of it.
  • The conflict between Palestine and Israel.
  • The shift in the media converges of Islam after 11 September.

These are some topics that will help you in creating an effective paper. Research a lot before starting your proposal and add descriptive information to support your speculation. Conclude it with proofreading for any mistakes.