Communists want to 'Unite' the World.  And, unity in the sense of cooperation is fine.  But Communist control isn't fine.  It won't be Countries joining for self improvement, Communism doesn't believe in Nation States.  Communism believes in destroying Nationalism and Nations!  Dissolving borders!  And, Communism doesn't believe in individualis either.

     Marxism is the belief that everthing is 'matter in motion' (Dialectical Materialism).  No God.  No Souls.  And, religion isn't allowed--because Marxism is THE religion!  There are no Nation States.  Only matter in motion guided by a Leader.  (Sounds a little Fascist doesn't it!)

     The 'New World Order' is essentially Marxist.  Under Marxism the 'people' are just garbage (matter in motion).  If raping and murdering people makes the military feel stronger then so be it!  It's just matter in motion!  After all, there are no souls, no God, no morality outside of the Leader's idea of 'matter in motion'.

     Stay with the U.S. Constitution!  Stay with the Second Amendment!  Stay with God!