With so many choices in the vehicle market, consumers are faced with many different options as you shop for a larger vehicle. There are many reasons for purchasing a larger vehicle and here are four common reasons you should consider purchasing or leasing a larger vehicle now.


Growing Family

You might only have one child so far, but if you plan to have more than one, often times upgrading to a larger SUV or minivan is a priority. With car seats, strollers and endless amounts of equipment to travel with for small children, having space even with just two young children is important. Once your young children become older children and teenagers, having adequate space for their growing bodies and their sports equipment, friends, musical instruments and various other gear becomes a priority. For road trips or vacations, having a larger vehicle is key to managing sibling conflicts and keeping all supplies for the trip in order and close at hand. The larger vehicle also enables you to carry additional family members or friends for occasions when you might need to transport them places.



Whether you are tall, are a larger person, or simply have health issues or other physical reasons for needing more room to move, stretch and get into your vehicle, buying a truck or large SUV gives you comfort and better accessibility. Moving in and out of a larger vehicle is much easier than a small vehicle for many people with back problems, knee/hip problems or other mobility struggles. For people who are moving into their golden years, having a vehicle which will help them be comfortable as their body naturally ages and has more limitations is also a comfort and more accessible for those who may need walkers or other assistive equipment. Similarly if you are a taller person or a larger person you will typically find a much more comfortable ride and room within trucks and larger SUVs.


Towing Capacity

If you are in the market for a vehicle which can easily tow a boat, another vehicle, a trailer or other large equipment, then looking for a larger truck or SUV becomes important. Many trucks and large SUVs have a trailer prep package available to add on to your purchase at the dealership. There are many new technologies available to help you safely and efficiently tow your equipment including anti-sway towing systems, heavy-duty alternators, exhaust-braking and trailer-connection cameras. While there are some exceptions, if you want to be able to tow even a modest sized camper, you will want to buy a larger vehicle like a pickup truck or mid-size to large SUV. A larger vehicle also enables you to do more work with your vehicle such as helping pull a large tree down or hauling large amounts of landscaping materials.



While there are high safety ratings available in every class of car, the reality is a large SUV or pickup truck will often provide a greater sense of safety and security while driving. Being up higher allows for much greater visibility on the road. Also, a larger vehicle can obviously withstand impact at a greater level without leading to serious damage. Now it is important to do your research on which larger vehicles have the highest safety ratings, but it is easy to see why consumers who purchase large vehicles feel and are safer than those in smaller cars and vehicles. Larger vehicles are also key in poor weather conditions such as blizzards or heavy snow and even heavy rain with flooding. Having the extra clearance from the ground will allow you to navigate severe weather conditions with much more confidence and safety.


So now that you have four important reasons why choosing an SUV or pickup truck as your next vehicle, you can start looking at makes and models that best fit with your style, price point and priorities. Before you know it you will be asking yourself why you ever waited to purchase your first SUV or truck.