How does Entanglement and Quantum Computers work?  And, what about Faster than Light Drives and Planck's Constant?

     It's simple!  DNA makes everything in front of our eyes finite while everything behind them is infinite!  As we look ahead everthing is concrete, solid, and individual adjacent to huge numbers of other concrete, solid, and individual things.

     But the World we find ourselves in is just an infinitismal part of Infinity in all dimensions.  DNA pinpoints our existence.  But the Consciousness, the looker, is infinite.  It's the Universe with a capital 'U'.

     As we learn and explore we expand outward into Infinity.  We expand outward into what is behind our eyes:  Infinite experience and knowledge.

     Why isn't it all clear with powerful telescopes?  Because our True World is both big and small, with interdimensions beyond the vision of our DNA.  Our True World is everything and nothing combined.  Our True World is everything and its negation.  It's a Contradiction!  And, a contradiction is not observable!  A thing cannot both be and not be in the same time, place, and way!  The unspoken premise here is 'to be observed, noticed, or felt'!  But EVERYTHING exists!  . . . EVERYTHING!

     Where is this infinite Universe we can't see?  It lies beyond our telescopes and even our microscopes, it lies in Interdimensions!  What are these Interdimensions?  Why, everything of course!  Our DNA exists in an infinity of Interdimensions!  An infinity of Multiverses!  An infinity of Aliens!  An infinity of observations!  An infinity of energy!  An infinity of space!  There is even an interdimension called 'No Space'!  [This explains entanglement.]

     If there is more than perception can handle then how do we come to know this weird, weird, weird World of ours?  DNA perception can't cognize contradictions.  But we can expand our perception to include increasingly abstract theories piecing together the color, sound, taste, smell and touch of our World including those that we have to yet see, hear, taste, smell or touch.  And, yes even the emotions that we feel too!

     The fact of Contradiction as being the Totality means we will forever be increasing our perception.  There will be no end to it.  All perception must obey the Law of Non-Contradiction.  Our scientists must forever cement the elements and pixels of our World together with deeper explanations showing minute differences in what at first appeared to be a Contradiction.  And, since the Reality is a Contradiction they will never suceed completely but get better and better at it. 

     Entanglement means understanding the interdimension of 'No Space'.  Quantum computers meant understanding Interdimension.  Faster than light drives meant understanding Space/Time.  And, Planck's Constant meant understanding the edge of Interdimensions.  Each is a case of depth to the point of eliminating the Contradiction.  Finding out that there is a way in which two things aren't the same.  Seeing the difference separating (p * ~p) into ~(p * ~p) thus enabling perception.