Everything in the Universe is Energy.  All energy shows itself as a waveform.  There could be an infinity of waveforms.


     If it's possible to discover the Positron waveform.  And, if it's possible to generate the Positron waveform.  Then, it should be possible to beam them into eletrons.


     This should create matter/anti-matter annihilation.  It should be controlable as to quantity and duration.

     And, all of this would give us an anti-matter reactor!  A reactor that uses relatively cheap anti-matter!


[That ALL MATTER exists both as energy as well as matter is asserted by E=MC²--Energy is identical to Mass times the Speed of Light squared.  (The '=' sign means identity, not equivalent or similar.}   Energy/matter is always in a waveform.  It doesn't matter if it is sound, light--or an electron.  It also doesn't matter if it is anti-matter such as a positron.  Everything in our Universe has a corresponding waveform.  Everything!]



     The creation of matter in all of its forms is simply the generation of . . . waveforms!  Waveforms of exactly the right frequency(s).

     Can I cook, or can I cook! 


Traditional Anti-matter creation.


     And, of course,  instantly creating particles enables 3-D printing them into atoms--and just about everything!  And, yes, including DNA!  And, of course, Ununpentium becomes easy to produce.  And off you go!




Positrons aren't as difficult or impossible as you may think!