I was a Catholic for 35 years. When I found out about the Inquisition and the Torture they used to convert people to Catholicism, I left the Catholic Church. I was a Jesus Freak for about 24 years. Then I became a Jews for Jesus Freak, then a Jewish Freak.

A friend of Facebook told me I was stupid for believing the Bible. When I asked him why. He told me to research. I spent over 30 hours a week for 4 years researching. I found out he was right. There was no DNA evidence that Jesus ever existed. Love Sinks the Bible. If you love someone you do none of the following to them: hate them, kill them, torture them, condemn them, judge them. The Bible has so many contradictions in it. There are no contradictions in Truth.

I then became a Radical Love Atheist. There are so many so called gods out there and so many of them Kill. What kind of loving god would allow little children to suffer with cancer? I discovered my love was greater than any god I had ever heard of. My imagination was also greater than any god had ever learned of. Creation should only be used for the good of everyone. The Problem of Evil was also a huge problem for their being an all Powerful All Knowing Being being in charge of Everything. There are Benevolent and Malevolent beings on this Earth and in The Cosmos. Love is better than Hate and Peace is better than War. What we concentrate on we Create.

Dr. Emoto did an experiment with cooked rice in 3 jars. The one had Love written over it, the second had ignored written on it, and the 3rd had Hate written over it. Cooked rice will mold when it stays in a jar not refrigerated. The 1st jar with love had no mold. The 2nd one Ignored had mold, and the 3rdwith hate had mold. Our thoughts and words are so powerful. We can create good and bad with our thoughts.

Nikola Tesla said if you want to understand the Universe everything in the Universe is frequency, energy, and vibration. Use your energy and your thoughts and words only for good.

It was brought to my remembrance of an Outer Body Experience I had as a little child. I was in my bed when I floated out of my body to the top of my bedroom ceiling. I saw my body lying in the bed. This freaked me out as a child, and I came back into my body. I did not tell anyone about this until recently/

I now know that I am a spirit in a meat suit. I also know now how powerful our thoughts and words are.

I am a Free Spirited Hippie. I tried weed twice in my life, and did not have good experiences. My philosophy about alcohol is that it is not good for your body. The latest since backs that up also. They do not call it 'spirits' for nothing. I want a clear mind that nothing interferes with. I want to see Peace and Harmony over Earth. John Lennon was so right.

No heaven above us, no hell below us. No countries, flags, religions. A Brotherhood of Man. I add Sisterhood to those words. Think of One Tribe, One People. One Nation.

I also know now that we are hybrids. Any study in DNA and our genes will reveal to you how messed up our genes are. I remember a DNA test that a group of people that would find out after the results were in. The one guy did not like black people and was shocked when he seen that he has some African genes in him. Race is a bunch of BS. We all have red blood flowing through us and both females and males have the same organs. Everything is connected in the Universe except humans. Our right brain is feminine and the left brain is masculine. The point is to be balanced between the two. We need logic and reason but we also need peace and love.

It is about 5 years since I went Vegan (after much research). My health is fantastic. 66Years young and on no medications. My energy is superior. My consciousness blossomed after I became a vegan. Go on Plant Pure Nation on You Tube and you will find Doctor's who explain why meat is Not healthy for your body. The plant based diet is the healthiest for your body. Babies learn to eat meat. If you put a live bunny in a crib along with a play bunny. The baby is not going to try to eat the live bunny. Hello? One serving of kale in nutrients (1,000 in Nutrient Density Value) for your body would take over 40 4 ounce servings of 90% lean ground beef (24 Nutrient Density Value) to equal that nutrient value of 1000. Go online to the ANDI food scoring guide and you will have the proof. So many forests have been destroyed to produce meat for humans. That is not good for the Eco System. The biosphere in your gut thrives on plant based food.

I know that when I leave this meat suit and I am going to create a planet that will be non -dualistic. Peace, harmony, and balance will reign there. Only like-minded critical thinking free thinkers like me will be there. Example John Lennon.

I know that I am Sovereign and Free. Nobody controls my mind. I am the master of my destiny. Peace and love will rule on my planet. The air and water will have all that is needed for optimal nutrition for humans and animals. Only benevolent people will be on my planet. The weather will never go to extremes.