An infinite Block extending into space and time would have no outer bound.  Such a Block would simply . . . Be.

     "I Am That I Am."

     It would be steady state.  Motion in space and the passage of time would be the movement of Consciousness.  While difficult to explain Consciousness is what we experience.  You are experiencing it.  I, therefore, think you understand it.

     Since the Block is Consciousness we can think of it as a Creature!  Yes, the Creature of Plato's writings.  To have Conscious Experience, however, the Creature must go inside Himself.  He becomes . . . Us!  And, every other conscious creature.

     Consciousness flows through the Block, permeating its every recess, crack, and cranny.  It learns everthing in front of it while often not realizing what lies behind it!



     So, not only is the Block Universe wine, women, and song but it is also the . . . BLOCK!

     The Atomists of Ancient Greece became the Physcists of today.  About a Century ago they woke up to consciousness and had to include it in their theories like the 'other' metaphyscians.  Philsosphers are, today, taking the Atomists much more seriously than in the past.

     Here is the Atomist rendition of Reality today:


     My position is that the Block is infinite--an infinite Contradiction--that can never be completely understood or known by any Creature or Society of Creatures.  But the explanation in the video is very good.  It is 'reasonably' complete.  But understanding requires a non-contradictory perception and is, therefore, incomplete.

     So there remains more, much more, Out There!