Here, Brooke Whipple talks of her scariest night in the woods.


     The Title I gave this is "My Scariest Night In The Woods."  So here it is:

     In late 1975 I lived in Beaverton, Oregon.  The camping was fantastic with beautiful hills, valleys, trees and, of course, Mt. Hood.  I was a Navy Line Officer assigned to the USS Ogden in the Yards in Portland.

     My wife Christine and I hiked in from a Mt. Hood Parking Area and found a pristine Mountain Lake.  We camped by the edge of the Lake where there were beautiful pine trees and boulders.

     We set up our small tent and quickly went to sleep in the fresh mountain air.

     I woke, before sunrise, to the sound of footsteps just outside our tent!  My wife woke up too.  We listened to the steps as they seemed to circle the tent.  I put on my pants, put my .38 special in its holster, and went outside in the moonlight.

     The mountain was beautiful but I didn't notice.  Something was going on!

[Mt. Hood Area]


     At first I didn't see anything.  Nothing at all.  But I had the odd feeling of being watched!  So, I circled the tent.  The small lake was shining in the Moonlight.

     Someone spoke to me!  "What are you doing here," the voice asked!  And, I looked but still didn't see anything in the Moonlight!

     I kept looking around.  Then, standing between me and the lake I saw what it was!

     It was a man with hair all over him that was at least 7 feet tall.  And, he hadn't spoken.  It was telepathy!  He repeated "What are you doing here.  This is where my tribe gets water.  We want you to leave."

     This wasn't an Indian.  It was a Sasquatch!  I'm 6'2" but he dwarfed me.


[Not an actual picture from Mt. Hood, but this is what he looked like . . . except slightly more human!]


     I explained that we have poor vision at night and might fall and hurt ourselves if we moved right away.  I suspected his vision was much better!  And, I said that we would leave at first light in the morning.

     The Sasquatch stood silent for a moment then said--using telepathy--"If you leave in the morning it's alright."  And, I went back into the tent.  My wife asked who I was talking to.  I told her I didn't remember talking to anyone.  She gave me a perplexed and slightly angry look!

     We woke at first light, went outside, and I couldn't see Sasquatch anywhere.  That was good!  My wife and I gathered up our tent, packed our backpacks, and left as I had said we would.

     This really happened.  If you go camping around Mt. Hood be sure to have a gun handy!  It helped keep me calm.  And, my wife kept bugging me, "Who was that you were talking to?" she asked!  "Who was it.  I heard you talking!"



The above is true.