Your teeth are flat on the ends just as a non meating anmal. Meat Eaters chew in an up and down and sidewasys fashion just like non meating animals do. You have long intestiunes, just as non meat eating animals do.Meat eating animals have short instestines so that the meat leaves thier body quickly and not rot like it does in long instetines which causews diiseases. Why do you think the 1st Diet in the Bible included No Meat? Hello?

I do not like living on a Planet with Blood Listing Zombies. I will Love leaving this Blood Soaked Planet!

You have to wean yourself off of it like I did. If you do it 3 times A day drop down to 2 a day for the first week and then once for the second week. The problem is that people try to do it cold turkey and mess their bodies up. Hope tha helps you understand better

Shauna Loren Comment:  I thought that once too.. I was even on the ‘carnivore’ diet for a while. Meat only. I was able to give up all meat and animal products just by being creative. Simulating meat is so easy. There are many faux meat substitutes that taste just like it. Getting the nutrients that meat holds can be achieved with supplementation. And when we stop ingesting sentient beings we become lighter. Our third dimensional bodies are less weighted down and we don’t carry the memories, sadness and or pain from the meat. All meat and animal products contain the cell memory of the animal from which they come.