I decided to Onstellar this Movie because I know ALIEN ATTACK--at any time--is possible, even probable!

     America has already seen 3 major Alien Attacks in the last 50 years.  Why haven't you heard of them?  Because YOU listen to FAKE NEWS!  These attacks were hidden from the public and America successfully defended itself each time.  And, I'm not counting the war with the Grays in the early 1950's.

     Now you know why I ask that all Americans support the Military Industrial Complex!  Our military is desperately trying to match Alien Technology so they can defend . . . YOU!  And, thank God for the Alien Nordics that have given us support.  Yes, we are still alive because they gave us their help.


And, yes, Planet Earth has to stop trying to attack 'itself' with NUKES!


Here is the Alien Attack Prep Movie: