I have met Aliens, talked to them through telepathy, lived with them, and fought with them.  And, they are a lot like . . . us!

     They are conscious Beings.  They have hopes and needs just like us.  They have problems.  They learn science, math and communication skills.  Most grow up but some come out of giant test tubes fully grown.  They worry about the future and their unique problems such as opposing groups of Aliens.

     The ones that I have met were in their Space Fleets.  They were a cut above the average for their species.  And, with regard to Politics, some are Right Wing, some are Left Wing, while others are Middle of the Road.

     Most behave in a logical and/or friendly way.  Because they are part of Alien Governments or Military Units they normally have an operational reason for meeting with humans.  Sometimes this is peaceful and benign--and sometimes not.



     In 1976 (after being abducted by S Men) I spent roughly a half year with the M Men.  The M's had boarded the S Men StarShip and I was taken prisoner.  The M's are an Alien Species about our height that have exoskeletons, not internal bones like us.  Their faces are different as well.  They have two slits on the sides of their face with hair folicules that they use to breathe.  They have small elephant like trunks where our mouth would be.  Inside they have a mouth and canine like teeth.  Their eyes are faceted like gem stones.  Whether or not this is a protective lens or natural I don't know.

     The M's don't wear clothing but have chain mail around their waists and chain mail sashes across their chests.  Their belts have the symbol '*' for 'infinity', the symbol 'ss' for 'companionship', and a 'chainlink symbol' representing the 'passing on' of knowledge and position.

     The M's need sleep, as do most or all Aliens, but they sleep standing up.  They just lock the moveable parts of their exoskeleton and they stand without effort.

     While the M's look different from us telepathy indicated they think very much like us humans.  But logical and trained similar to our military men and women.

     When I told them I needed sleep they sent me to a 'sleep room' where a number of M's were standing next to the wall, their exoskeletons locked in sleep position.  The room was perhaps 15 feet by 15 feet and about 20 M's were along the wall.  They gave me a position to stand, but I told them I had to sleep laying down.  They thought this was odd, but there I was the Alien!  So, they said OK.  I went to sleep in the center.  They said "no sleep along the wall."  I found out later their urination isn't controlled like ours.  The floor slants toward the center where drains remove the liquid.  Their telling me to sleep next to the wall was an 'act of kindness'.

     After spending several months with the M's I found they regard us Earthers as a curiosity.  They planned no hostilities, but were watching us closely to see if we would be hostile to them.  They know they look strange to us and this could cause hostilities by itself.  Genertics plays a role in Outer Space just like it does here on Earth.

     I couldn't eat their 'live' food!  So they implanted a 'total conversion unit' in my stomach.  A serious surgical operation they made look like child's play!  And, they gave me big black pills and told me to take 3 per day.

     The M Religion is similar to Christianity.  They believe--based on a very advanced Physics--that the Universe is an infinite unity (Block Theory), and that every soul will someday inhabit every consciousness creature in this infinite unity.  In short, someday they will be . . . you!  So, they are careful in what they do to others.  This explained their 'act of kindness' in the sleep chamber!

     They had one room filled with psychics!  I believe this was an intelligence operations center.  Each psychic had a monitor screen with controls beneath it.  The M's not only understood psychic abilities but could move souls around at will.  Another room had M bodies waiting in giant glass tubes for M's that may have died in military operations.  Their souls would automatically go to the same brain in the cloned bodies.  While I watched, one tube lit up, the glass rotated, the body awoke . . . and an M walked out!

     The floors were metal grates.  The overheads had lighting.  They had artificial gravity that felt normal.  The M's moved around, and interacted like our military men do on our bases.

     After about 6 months I began to have health problems.  The M's felt their nutrition wasn't adquate for humans.  They contacted Nordic Aliens to pick me up and return me to Earth.  Since the M's had enemies and regularly boarded these enemy ships this Nordic pick up meant they had good relations with the Nordic Aliens.  Since the Nordic Aliens look almost exactly like us this meant that we should be able to develop a working relationship with the M's.

     I'm glad of that!  The M's are Big Bruisers in the Milky Way Galaxy.  They have very high level technology and inhabit many planets.  Most Alien Species are afraid of them!


[Not an M Man, but a little bit similar.]