Here are 17 pictures that I believe to be authentic.  They are unusual.  See for yourself!

[Picture of Flying Saucer taking off straight up to several more waiting for it.  It's authentic.  I took the picture in the 1980's at Spring Hill, Florida!]


[Lovely picture of Linda Mouton Howe standing beside Art Bell of Coast to Coast Radio fame!]


[Looks to me like an Alien Spaceship at the bottom of the Baltic Sea!]


[Genuine Civil War Picture taken at Georgetown in 1861, not a reenactment.  A very early photograph!]


[Picture shows a man at the Grassy Knoll when President Kennedy was shot!]


[Picture of the Black Knight Satellite.  It may have come from an ancient civilization!]


[Picture of Alien on the Moon during Apollo 17.  I know, I took the picture mayself and then found it among NASA Internet photographs.  It is PUBLIC DOMAIN!  I blacked in the gray sand around the face to make the face stand out!]


[A Curiosity Rover photograph showing a house in the background.  Much blown up but still reasonably clear.  I found it myself!]


[A stunning photograph of Earth taken by NASA!]


[The famous Gorilla picture taken by Spirit Rover on Mars!  I took this blow up from a NASA/JPL picture!]


[Another blown up Spirit Rover picture from Mars showing Martians (possibly soldiers)!]


[A second Alien dressed similar to us but not identical.  He has black pants and no backpack.  The backpack did the temperature control and provided oxygen.  He wasn't an Apollo Astronaut.  Picture blown up from helmet reflection on a NASA photograph!]


[This 'Alien Building' showed up at sunset on Apollo 17.  This is a blow up of the original NASA picture.]


[The famous Cat Picture I took on Apollo 17.  This is a blow up of the original NASA picture.  I believe it must be a pet cat of the Aliens!]


[A reflection on the Alien's contact lens (Apollo 17) showed the Moon Buggy he drove up in.  It didn't touch the surface or have wheels!]


[Pictures of Mona Lisa inside the Lunar Module on Apollo 20!  Pictures were intercepted from NASA transmission by Eastern Block Countries.]


[Champ is the plesiosaurus of Lake Champlain in Vermont.  A blow up of a picture I took from Mills Point on the Lake.]




[I colorized this myself!]


Marilyn Monroe in movie 'Bus Stop'.


     Here are videos of photographs you may find interesting as well: