A Japanese F-35 crashed into the sea under unusual circumstances.

     While Russia or China may be involved the possibility of Alien Intelligence has to be included.  The most advanced Aliens have no need of our technology although I'm sure they clandestinely check to see if we have something they don't.  But the least advanced Aliens might go to the trouble of downing an F-35!


     But what does an F-35 have that they don't?

     The F-35 is stealthed.  Not all Alien's that visit Earth have stealth.  Sometimes Flying Saucers show no response to close approach by American Stealthed planes!  But of greater Alien interest would be 'Quantum Radar'.  This radar is itself invisible, or nearly so, and can detect stealthed vehicles.

     Quantum Radar splits electrons (or photons?) saving one for observation while sending the other out for detection.  Since the particles are entangled whatever happens to one happens to the other.  So, when a particle hits an object the radar doesn't depend on it returning to a radar receiver.  The Quantum Radar simply observes what happens to the entangled electron (or photon) of the pair that it still retains!  The entangled particle retained will exhibit the 'hit' on a stealthed object even though it never left the box!

     This is very sophisticated electronics and all that made it deserve credit for an amazing advancement in stealth.




     Now that you understand Quantum Radar you can understand the possible Alien connection to the F-35 crash.





     America is moving into . . . MILKY WAY ALIEN SOCIETY!  And, yes, it's just as dangerous as Earth's Global Society!





In 2006:



We hear about Russian and Chinese Quantum Radar.  But what about Raymarine Quantum Radar?