Practically is there any safe place than a home to live? It is, of course, not. Your home is the safest place where you spend your whole life. But a survey says that you are not so safe at home because of increasing burgling cases. According to Wikipedia, Delhi has the highest cognizable crime rate of 1050 per one hundred thousand people in India. Thousands of burgling cases register in Delhi NCR every month that is shocking and gives the feeling of insecurity even at home. Fortunately, there are some solutions available to keep the burglar away from your home.

Home Security Gadgets

Unlimited options are available for home security gadgets. With the advancement of technology, many new home security gadgets are on offer. Existing gadgets have come across remarkable improvements to provide the best user experience. Varieties in this category can create confusion. Carefully choose the security gadget that suits your needs. Some suggestions are here.

Buy a bullet camera to upgrade your home security. Instead of relying on a bulky big-sized camera, replace it with a bullet CCTV camera. It is also known as lipstick cameras. They are small in shape and seems like a rifle bullet shell. Smaller bullet video surveillance cameras are typically the diameter of a cigar. It is an intelligent and smart gadget to capture something strange going around your home.

Install a wedge-shaped door alarm on your front door. The amazing gadget prevents a door from opening and immediately makes a loud sound that can scare an intruder and wake up the family.

Install a fake dog barking alarm near the entrance of your home. The smart gadget automatically creates a noise like a barking dog after sensing movement through doors and walls. It has a motion detector which is activated automatically.

 Appoint a Home Security Guard

Appointing a security guard for home safety is as necessary as installing home security gadgets. Technical devices can make you alert against burgling, but it is not going to protect you. Human deployment is necessary and therefore contact a reputed security guard agency in Delhi to hire security guards. These agencies are specialists in providing private home security officers. They are responsible for providing special training to their trainers to become an expert security officer. From self-protecting fighting training to catching thieves and monitoring surveillance systems, the security agency provides comprehensive training to security officers. Apart from that, the agency conducts background verification of their candidates so that your home safety will be at safe hands.